• To identify companies and organisations who want to be more sustainable and assist their progress through education and collaboration as members of MVB.
  • To recruit Knowledge Partners with expertise in specific areas to help our members to improve those areas.
  • To create a series of seminars to introduce new ideas in sustainability to our members and new practices through presentations by academics, NGO’s, and industry experts.
  • To organise collaboration meetings between members which allow and encourage the exchange of non-proprietary ideas between members in the critical areas of corporate values, customer service, best business practices, environmental friendliness, safety and security, ethical employment leading to sustainability.
  • To create promotion and publicity programs to give positive exposure for our members and their developing sustainability profiles.
  • To forge Strategic Partnerships with other likeminded organisations to increase our network and credibility.
  • To recruit respected NGOs as partners to support our members should they come under attack from critical parties and the media.


To improve world sustainability by improving corporate sustainability, through education, collaboration and the promotion of corporate responsibility starting with core corporate values.


There are many reasons to join MVB. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of sustainability.

Members receive and create value by participating in the program, building a strong interconnected busi ness community and advancing the local impact economy.

MVB provides the knowledge, links and platform to help you get there, by advancing your sustainability program and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

Build your skills and knowledge

    • Attend MVB seminarsfor free and receive discounts foradditional
    • Access to the sustainability resource filesbuilt only for members
    • Connect with other professionalsin your area and around the world
    • Access articlesfrom experts, organisations and leading practitioners

Connect and Collaborate

  • Collaboratewith other MVB members and Partners to maximize your program
  • Received MVB e-Newsletterwhere you can find any updated news on other member sustainability program, MVB partners or other news related to sustainability
  • Meet with other MVBmembers, partners and business practitioners at ourSeminars, Conference and Gala Awards

Bring your organisation forward

    • Access and share best practiceswith other professionals
    • Stay currentwith developments that will impact your organization
    • Bring tested resources and toolsto your practice
    • Contribute to development of a better business model

Make a difference!

    • Make a visible commitmentto move towards a sustainable future
    • Share your storiesto help other members
    • Bring your services and knowledgeto our members