On 28th September, Most Valued Business (MVB) Indonesia hosted its 2017 Annual Conference at the BINUS Northumbria School of Design, FX Sudirman, Jakarta. This year’s event themed, ‘Is Indonesia on the Road to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability?’ opened by the British Ambassador, Mr. Moazzam Malik and featured seminars and presentation sessions from prominent experts NGOs and multinational companies, panel speakers from our top members such as STARBUCKS, AVANI and DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA, as well as academics and industry leaders.

The conference showcased companies that have demonstrated the highest critical standards in implementing good business practices such as through ethical employment, corporate sustainability, and environmental friendliness and good corporate values, among many others: through these important aspects, companies can try to ensure they are executing the mostresponsible business practices.The conference also served as a forum to exchange information and ideas on how businesses can convey their ethical business strategies to consumers, and to better collaborate with each other to improve efficiency.

As one of the Knowlede Partner of MVB Indonesia for 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY demonstrated its capacity to identify collaborations that can cater to the growing trend in consumer preference in Indonesia encouraging greater socially responsible business practices in Indonesia. MVB and BINUS will continue their cooperation through research and case studies with prominent MVB members and extend the spread of the concepts of responsibility and sustainability through the entire student body.