MVB Members are leading the charge to drive action and innovation. They are organisations that understand the need for sustainability and radical change in corporate behaviour. Discussing challenges, creating solutions and building cooperation are the pillars of the MVB programs, but need commitment and openness. MVB members have found pathways to address environmental, social and economic imperatives through sustainability.

Our members bring diverse perspectives and shared commitment to improve sustainability in all parts of their business practices. If your company have a strong commitment to engage in sustainability, want to learn more about the current issues and progress in and outside Indonesia, or you have an established sustainability program but are looking for partners who can work together with similarly minded companies to achieve greater collective impact, or perhaps you want to communicate and share your success through a trustworthy and dedicated platform, by becoming an MVB member we provide all of these opportunities for you.


To be part of MVB, companies need to demonstrate that they maintain acceptable standards based on MVB seven critical value areas and simply follow these steps :

  1. Choose a package that you think has the right benefits for you
  2. Complete the online application as the first step of registration
  3. Send us copy of company's NPWP for invoicing process along with back up documents required
Or if you still need more information about the program please click the help button, type your question and our team will assist you