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How To Become A Master Of Amazon Reselling & Generate Maximum Profit?

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published on: 14 March 2023 last updated on: 17 June 2023

Did you know that amazon reselling has become quite an interesting way of making money? There are many third-party sellers who are making an incredible amount of money by sourcing products and selling them on Amazon.

Although it sounds simple, it is not that easy to increase your profit from reselling on Amazon. But there are some tactics you can follow to increase your profit in amazon reselling.

So, if you are interested in the same, here is an article to help you with the necessary tips to increase your profit. But first, I will start by telling you what amazon reselling is.

What Is Amazon Reselling?

An amazon reseller is an individual or a company that sources products wholesale or in bulk to resell them on amazon. The entire Amazon marketplace was full of resellers that sold products there for a profit.

This type of reselling was already in existence back in 2010 when many sellers, who already had a brick-and-mortar store, used to sell products from their websites using the Amazon dropshipping model. The term originated from the tendency of such businesses to utilize amazon to access customers easily.

They also had connections with some of the largest brands. With time this business model grew more popular, and as a result, the competition was growing higher. They had to drop the price making the profit margin lower than before; their fees also increased.

Since there is no limit as to how many resellers can list a product, the competition at amazon was getting pretty tough. Indeed, the amazon marketplace is designed to help resellers easily list their products. Particularly with the fulfillment system of amazon, those resellers include different brand owners who can offer inarguably low prices, making it difficult to compete with them.

Is Amazon Reselling Profitable?

The ultimate result of this competition is a lower profit margin. If you are starting now, you have to compete with resellers that are already established. As the competition keeps rising, the resellers are coming up with different tactics to increase their profit margins.

Before, there were national and established brands whose products the resellers used to sell at amazon. Now there are many new private brands popping up; even some resellers are also launching their own brands of products, creating competition with the national brands and other private brands like them.

So, it is a matter of concern for a new or would-be amazon reseller to worry if this is the right platform for them or not. However, despite the difficulties, many resellers are making a decent amount of money. Please keep reading if you want to know how.

Ways To Succeed In Amazon Reselling

To succeed as an amazon reseller, you need to first optimize your product, branding, price, and the seller ranking of your brand. Although it seems straightforward to listen to, it is not that easy. Here are some tips to guide you –

1. Choose Your Product Mindfully

Choose Your Product Mindfully

When choosing your products, you have two options to choose from.

  • You can choose preestablished brands that have higher competition.
  • You can also choose products from brands with unproven success and lower competition.

If you are just starting out, then it is common to go with the second option( unproven brand and success). The reason for these brands’ unpopularity can be due to less demand, low-profit margin, or more. However, you can win the Buy Box option listed on the right side of the Detail Page of Amazon products. This will set you up as a top seller in no time.

But you can also go for the established brands if you already have some experience and a strong rank as a reseller. But, with such products, you have the risk of going through a relatively lower profit margin.

Bonus tip: You can check the level of competition of a product by using the ASIN number listed in the Additional Information on the bottom right corner of the listing.

2. Source Good Quality Products

Source Good Quality Products

Your brand’s definition and reputation depend on the type of product you sell. So, no matter what, always try to choose products high in quality. When you source inferior quality products, you can save some money and get high returns during the sale. However, this will result in bad reviews, which is not worth it for you in the long run as an amazon reselling business.

3. Look For High-Profit Margins

High-Profit Margins

Of Course, you should look for high-quality products; but they often return a lower profit margin. So, you cannot afford to go for high-quality products with a lower profit margin. As an amazon reselling business, this is what you should avoid in the first place. Try looking for products that are both high in profit and quality.

4. Establish Your Brand

Use Pricing Properly

You cannot control the competition in the market as an Amazon reseller. However, you can mitigate the competition by building your own brand. You should create a brand to which you can easily add your product lines. Also building your brand around one product can reduce the scalability of your business, so try to have multiple product lines in your brand.

5. Use Pricing Properly

Use Pricing Properly

It will be more challenging to break into the competitive market with unproven products alone. But if you have proven products, you can expect instant sales. But, it is difficult to go against established sellers with proven products also. This is where you can play with the product pricing a bit. Lowering the price of these products will give you some edge over the other competitors in the market.

However, following this trick mindlessly can lower your chance of raising the price later. So, if you are lowering the price of a product, be very calculative about it.

Bottom Line

Apart from the tricks mentioned here, you should also have a different strategy, like having a strategy for your inventory, winning the buy box, and utilizing the FBA for proven success as an amazon reselling business. Reselling business should not be this much complicated when you start off. You can profit and upscale despite the tough competition.

If you need help, you can use this article as a guide. If you have any additional queries, you can contact us in the comment section.

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