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published on: 18 August 2023 last updated on: 18 May 2024

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought-after qualifications among aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs. A BBA is the right pathway for students who want to change business practices with innovative ideas and make it big professionally.

If you still think getting a BBA is too mainstream and doesn’t deliver the claims people make about its popularity, here are some compelling reasons to change your mind:

It’s A Complete Professional Degree

It’s A Complete Professional Degree

Enrolling in a BBA helps you become a well-rounded professional. While most undergraduate degrees focus on theory, BBA degrees offer a combination of understanding theoretical concepts and their practical implications. It is a comprehensive degree program that allows students to specialize in various subjects later.

Depending on your major, you can opt for the following career options:

  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Public Relations

After completing your degree, you will gain access to numerous work opportunities to kick-start your career.

You Can Study Online

Over 400 students in Nigeria enrolled for an online BBA degree from Nexford University in Washington, DC. Distance learning is the future of education in the 21st century, and like many other subjects, you can also complete a BBA without having to visit a campus. This learning method makes it easier for students with limited time and financial resources to get a quality education from the comfort of their homes, that too while living in other countries. Not only does this allow students to create a better study-life balance, but it also prepares them for a global job market.

It Helps Develop Management Skills

A BBA helps you develop soft skills, especially management skills, that are important for most administrative roles. It allows you to be an effective leader who can delegate tasks to skilled employees, helping them make the most of their skill set.

Good management skills also help you foster an environment of growth and productivity, helping you propel your team in the right direction.

It’s A College Degree With A High ROI

A BBA degree can get you a high salary package with numerous benefits. This means that you’ll be able to recover the money you invest in getting an education much faster than other majors. According to PayScale:

  • Accountants often earn an initial salary of $51,000 per year
  • Digital marketers earn a starting salary of $50,000 per year
  • Human resources specialists can expect to make $51,900 per year
  • Project managers can earn a base salary of $81,000 per year

It Enhances Your Personal Development

The BBA program is not just an academic degree; it also helps you develop and strengthen your personality. Following are some personality traits that a BBA degree will help you improve:

  • Presentation Skills: As a BBA student, you must deliver numerous presentations throughout your program. This can help you become a good public speaker in the long run.
  • Decision-making and Critical Thinking Skills: You are also required to gather and present data, which ultimately helps improve your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Public Speaking Skills: This degree helps you overcome stage fear. Presenting your ideas can help you feel confident in your ability and diminish stage fright. By being a knowledgeable and confident speaker, you can impress the audience with your speech; this degree will help you gain this skill.

It’s Your First Step Toward Getting An MBA

While graduates from all fields can enroll in an MBA program, students with a BBA degree have an edge over other students from different academic backgrounds. You get to learn the fundamentals of finance, management, communications, consumer behaviors, accounting, ethics, economics, corporate law, etc. An MBA program covers the topics more in-depth, further refining your business landscape knowledge.

It Opens New Doors To Networking Opportunities

As mentioned above, BBA is a comprehensive professional degree, and in this corporate world, you will meet new professionals and build a solid network. Networking can open doors for better job opportunities. With communication skills, you can exchange ideas and talk more about the work practices that set you apart from your competitors. Building professional relationships with others may help you achieve career success and even aid in personal growth.

It’s Quite Affordable

The cost of a BBA program depends on various factors, such as the school you choose to attend, your location, any financial aid you receive, and additional costs that cover student fees and course material.

However, an online BBA costs around $5000 for the entire program. This makes an online BBA an affordable degree that helps you succeed professionally. Moreover, opting for an online BBA program cuts down on commuting and living expenses, ensuring you save more money while pursuing a BBA from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, you can also go for a higher education certificate after your BBA degree, which will open the doors to greater profitable job opportunities.


With a BBA degree, you can get countless business and work opportunities in various professions. An online Bachelor of Business Administration degree provides you with a solid base in business values and expertise in your career. Therefore, if you want to build your career as a business professional, a BBA degree is the first step you should take. Do your research and enroll in a school of your choice now.

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