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Want To Start A Business? Here Are The Top 10 Cheap Businesses To Start

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published on: 30 May 2023 last updated on: 09 June 2023

What Are Some Cheap Businesses To Start?

Calling these businesses CHEAP only because you can start them with zero to no startup cost. There is no expression hidden to belittle this business.

Keeping the word CHEAP aside, I have some great ideas about cool businesses you can start with almost zero cost. If you want to find out what they are, be my guest.

In this article, I have listed cheap businesses to start in 2023. So, without any delay, let us start.

1. Online Reselling

Online Reselling

Nothing is more fun and interesting than selling products you are interested in. If you love fashion, you can start your own online reselling business on fashion clothes. Yes, you will take some time and a huge amount of dedication. But who knows, this side hustle could become your full-time thing.

If you are looking for cheap businesses to start, then try selling clothes and fashion items. If you want to start small, then tryout platforms like Mercari and Poshmark to sell unwanted clothes and items. You can also try shopping estate sales or flea market sales and pick up some hidden goodies you can sell for a profit online. It is all about presenting the best thing your audience is looking for. Once you start to do that, you will flourish.

2. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

If looking for the cheapest business to start, you should find different problems people are facing. One of them is – “Where to leave my pet when I am on vacation?’ You see, many pet owners want peace of mind about their pets being handled and taken care of while they are away.

As a pet sitter, you will take care of your client’s pets when they are out on their personal or professional business. Some key responsibilities of a pet sitter include feeding the pets, giving them water, playing with them, and regularly updating the owners about their pets.

You can start it as a small side hustle, then take a few more people in to work with you down the line. There is a good prospect for expansion; you just have to try. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get yourself started.

3. Content Creation

Content Creation

The need for readable and visible content is increasing, and it will keep on increasing. The world is expanding, and there is something new happening every hour. This gives writers, creative people, and graphic designers the perfect opportunity to make a career. Well, not just a career; you can start your content creation service and work with various media houses and businesses to deliver their required content.

You will find different platforms like Upwork where you can set yourself up as a brand and collaborate with different clients.

4. Event Planner

Event Planner

If you want ideas for cheap businesses to start, then find out if the event planners in your city are doing a decent job or not. If they are not doing a perfect job, then you can take the competition to them. Really, it does not take much capital to start a business as an event planner.

You will plan moderate to pro bono events. This will include any personal, social, or religious events. Weddings and birthdays are really fun to organize. Try using your local and social media connections to get new gigs and expand your network.

5. Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

When looking for cheap businesses to start, you have the easiest option in Cleaning services. It is the most hassle-free work you can do. Yes, you will need to invest some money for the transportation and the cleaning equipment first.

But that is not too much.

Most of the cleaning services get paid from around $25 to $50 per hour. Try using the benefits of marketing in your locality and get some consistent clients you can work with. Once you start and manage it well, you have room for expansion.

6. Online Classes

Online Classes

It is no wonder that the pandemic has changed the world. We are now taking important courses like an MBA online. So, why is starting a private coaching program stopping you? If you are good in any particular subject and have a good academic background to support it, you can base your online course around it. The need for good coaches and tutors will never fade away.

English as a foreign language gets thousands of students enrolled in different online classes.

7. Consulting


So, you are skilled in some particular industry. You have worked for years in that particular industry. So it is time to offer services and consultancies based on your knowledge to different clients. You can start online consultancies on digital marketing, marriage, dating, legal consultancy, and more.

8. App Development

App Development

There is no need to explain how important mobile phone apps and websites are in today’s time. You can build a career in app development. If you are good with front-end and back-end development, you can start your career or a business as an app developer.

9. Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultancy

If you are looking for cheap businesses to start, then start one around social media. Small businesses require consultancy to boost their business online. This also includes boosting their social media appearance and reach.

If you are good with different social media platforms and have an understanding of how their algorithms work, then you can create a career around it. As a social media consultant, you will help businesses reach their social media marketing goals.

10. T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt Printing

This works well if you have a good social media fanbase. You can print T-shirts with images of favorites for different fanbases and sell them online. If you are good at graphic designing and drawing, then you can add extra charm to this business.

You can put catchy slogans or tags on the t-shirt or print a fan-favorite character on the T-shirt.

Start by picking a printing option that suits your business needs. You can choose from a traditional screen printer heat transfer printer, or the cutting-edge Prestige direct-to-film printer. With its high-quality output and precise detailing, this advanced printing method will ensure your fanbase merchandise stands out among the rest, boosting your online sales.

Bottom Line

T-shirting printing or online content writing are among the cheap businesses you can start with very little investment. But if you are starting a business, you should know how to start one. That includes getting a business licensing, planning the business, and structuring the bus

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you need any further assistance, you can let us know through the comment section. We will get in touch ASAP.

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