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Cheap Franchises: What Are The Best And Most Affordable Franchises?

Business 6th November, 2023 5 Mins Read

There are more than 700K franchise owners in the United States, and this (end of 2023) is an exciting time to purchase a franchise if you are looking to get into an industry. However, you will need to choose the industry that suits you the most. Furthermore, there are other factors to consider as well. Cheap franchises are available in almost all industries, ranging from mobile apps to artificial intelligence and even contactless services. 

In this article, you will learn about some of the best as well as cheap franchises if you are looking for affordable franchise options now. However, before that, we will also discuss some of the major aspects you will need to consider before you choose the franchise that suits you. Apart from mentioning the best franchise options for you, we will also share details regarding prices. Hence, to learn more, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is A Franchise?

Cheap Franchises

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A franchise is a business in which independent entrepreneurs use the rights to a larger company’s business name, logo, and products to operate an individual location. The franchiser is the owner of the larger company who sells the rights to license their business, and the franchisee is the third-party owner and operator of the business locations.

As per census data, 11.4% of all businesses in the United States are franchises. In most cases, franchises are restaurants and convenience stores. Apart from that, franchises also include fitness arenas, car dealerships, real estate, hospitality businesses, and more. These days, even various online services come with their own franchises.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Cheap Franchises

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When you buy into a franchise, you’ll likely receive a play-by-play business plan on how to conduct each process needed to run the business. This can include everything from how to make the fries to how to wash the floors. This proven manual has already worked out the kinks you might have had to discover on your own if you started a brand-new business.

Thus, a franchise offers you the option to deal with a product or service that has already made its mark in the industry. However, to become successful with the franchise, you will still need to put in the effort. Hence, it is essential for you to find a good option based on your skill set and passion.

The following are the major factors that you will need to consider before you choose the best cheap franchise to start your business:

1. Think about what motivates you as well as your personal goals.

2. Choose your industry carefully based on your strengths.

3. Determine what role you want to play in the business

4. Decide on a suitable budget.

The Most Affordable And Cheap Franchises To Own

According to,

If you are basing your decision on which franchise to open mainly on costs, it is important to have an idea of which ones have the cheapest point of entry. Keep in mind that, even after you open your business, you may have to pay an advertising fee, royalty fee or other recurring costs.

However, just because a franchise is cheap does not mean that it guarantees cheap operating costs. Hence, you will need to consider and be aware of your advertising, royalty, as well as other fees before you sign for your franchise.

The following are the best cheap franchises to choose from:

1. Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners
Type of Franchise (Industry)Travel
Franchise FeeUp to $10,995 (depending on the service you choose)
Initial Investment$2,295 to $23,617
Royalty Fee1.5% to 3% of Gross Commissionable Fares

It consists of a network of home-based travel advisors. The company offers software to run your business from the comfort of your home. You will also get training on how to operate.

2. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems
Type of Franchise (Industry)Commercial cleaning
Franchise FeeDifferent fees based on the location of operation
Initial Investment$5,500 to $36,600
Royalty Fee11.5%

This is one of the fastest-growing cleaning services and will reach a value of 50.1 billion next year. They will help you with investment even if you do not have a lot of finance to buy a franchise.

3. Proforma

Type of Franchise (Industry)Print and Promotional products
Franchise FeeNo priceThe price depends on the experience
Initial InvestmentUp to $35,000
Royalty Fee5% to 8% of the Gross Volume

This company mostly offers business-to-business services when it comes to print and promotional products. The franchise fee and initial investment are not only lower but there is also a 10% discount for veterans.

4. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions
Type of Franchise (Industry)Commercial cleaning
Franchise Fee$3,600 to $69,000
Initial Investment$4,450 to $79,750
Royalty Fee5%

This is a reputed company in the world of real estate. However, this company does not disclose its gross sales. Hence, decide beforehand whether it is the right option for you or not. Despite that, since the total startup cost is less, this can be an attractive option.

5. Club Z! In-home Tutoring

Club Z! In-home Tutoring
Type of Franchise (Industry)Tutoring services
Franchise Fee$19,750
Initial Investment$10,000 to $15,000
Royalty FeeNot available

This company matches the right tutor to the right student. You will also be able to operate from your home with this franchise.

Final Thoughts

Hope the list and the details are enough to give you an idea of good but cheap franchises to choose from. If you are looking for affordable options due to a lack of capital and expect steady growth for a long period of time, choose from the options given above. These companies have made themselves recognizable, and purchasing a franchise is also inexpensive.

However, you will also need to consider various aspects before you choose a franchise. You must have a strong knowledge of the industry you want to work in. If you are not comfortable working in a particular industry, do not choose a franchise there, no matter how profitable it seems. If you have more suggestions, consider using the comments section below.

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