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How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help With Parenting Agreements

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published on: 09 December 2023 last updated on: 18 December 2023

One of the most challenging things that a relationship will ever experience is a divorce. It may get much more complicated when kids are involved, so you must ensure your decisions are good for their lives. 

For this reason, many couples choose to consult a divorce lawyers. During the divorce or separation process, they can help you grasp the nuances of parenting arrangements, often known as child custody. They can also aid with the preparation of divorce proceedings and property division. 

Consider the advantages of speaking with a divorce lawyer as you set out on this complex and emotional path to help you understand the following things. 

Choosing Whom A Child Should Live And Play with

Determining who a child should live with and spend time with takes time, both for the courts and your selected Charleston Law divorce lawyer. It’s simple to think that “shared parental responsibility” entails equal time parents spend with their children, but that’s not always the case. 

What is in a kid’s great interest can determine how much time the youngster spends with each parent and who they reside with. Divorce lawyers may frequently assist you in navigating the court system. The courts will consider the child’s previous living arrangements, relationship with each parent, place of education, and other relevant factors. 

Establishing A Parenting Order

Determining how a parenting order will function with two parents is one of the most challenging decisions a parent will ever make. Divorce lawyers can assist you with this process by providing an overview of the most popular parenting orders, allowing you to determine which will work best for your family.

Living with one parent for half of the time and the other parent for the other half is one of the most popular parenting orders that attorneys can assist in establishing. Having your kids reside with one parent while they spend time with the other, overnight or during the day, is also possible. Depending on your particular circumstance and the recommendations of the courts, supervised contact might also be considered. 

Child Support Payments

All family members split the income in a two-parent home. This arrangement, however, alters when a couple decides to part ways, having various living expenses, revenue, and accounts. Divorce lawyers can aid your journey through the frequently confusing realm of child support payments.

This is usually a multi-step process that legal support can simplify significantly. The first step is to contact divorce lawyers for assistance so they can understand your particular circumstance and offer qualified counsel. After that, it is up to the parties to decide how much child support will be paid. The Department of Human Services may assess if an agreement cannot be reached. 

When a final agreement is reached—typically in court when disputes necessitate an appeal—both parents will be made aware of their obligations and how to continue complying. 

Child Support Payments

Answering Your Questions

It makes sense that someone who has never had a divorce or separation with children would be unfamiliar with the procedure. You can ask a divorce lawyer anything you want once you get in touch with them, and you’ll have the information you need to make wise choices. In your divorce, always consider your kid’s best interests when making parenting plans. 

Some of the most frequently asked topics are how long it will take to achieve a parenting arrangement, the good and worst-case scenarios if the matter goes to court, and the expected outcome. Even if legal teams cannot provide a definitive response, they can utilize their extensive experience and knowledge of your case to provide information specific to your circumstances. 

What Other Matters Can A Divorce Lawyer Assist With?

Divorce lawyers can assist you with managing your parenting plan skillfully, but they can do much more. A divorce lawyer can outline the legal procedure when you first split up with your partner so you can understand what goes into separation and divorce. 

They can also assist you in setting up a just distribution of assets and property and getting ready for divorce. An essential component of their services is drafting legally binding financial agreements, reorganizing family assets, estates, and wills, and making arrangements for child access and child support payments.

A divorce lawyer can handle any legal situation or anything that could become a legal matter within your family. They can offer guidance, encouragement, and support to help you decide what’s good for your family. 

While some families may reach a parenting agreement without legal assistance, this is only sometimes true. Being able to rest easy knowing that a divorce lawyer is on hand should you want help is beneficial. 

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