Etsy Return Policy: Why You Need To Check That They Are Correct

Etsy Return Policy: Why You Need To Check That They Are Correct

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So, what is the return policy on Etsy?

When it comes to Etsy return policy, that can be tricky for so many people, especially for people who have no experience in Etsy. If we talk about the number of total active sellers, the number is more than 3 million, according to the website. And there are different policies that you must know if you want to be a seller on Etsy. In the last couple of months, I have been seeing that there is confusion regarding Etsy return policy.

The main purpose of this article is to simplify the return policies and how to handle the Etsy selling platform. For the last couple of days, I have been doing thorough research into this subject. I have made some segments that you will find in this article. If you are a buyer from Etsy, then it is much less stressful.

So, let’s start.

Etsy Return Days

Etsy Return Days
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So, the Etsy return days depend on the seller. There is a policy that says sellers are not obligated to offer exchanges or returns. And this is the reason you should check the store page or the seller’s homepage to know what the return policy says. You can also check the policies by scrolling to the bottom, in the “Returns and Exchanges” section, to know more about them.

Suppose you are using the Etsy mobile application. Then you need to tab on the About option, and then you can go to Returns and exchanges.

Average Return Days

How long does an Etsy refund take?

I have been shopping from Etsy for years, and the average number of return days is a maximum of 30 days. There are stores where the return days are almost 100 days, and there are stores that take a maximum of 14 days.

There is a thing that you must know, according to maximum sellers, after delivering the product, it is best to contact them within 5 days. Then your return process would take less time. And the process would be easy and smooth as well.

Which Items Can Not Be Returned?

When it comes to items that can not be returned, they are personalized items. The personalized item can be a personalized initial or message in a monogram or engraved as well. Most sellers only return items when they find out they have made some mistakes or faults. Otherwise, there is not worth returning an item.

When Etsy Can Intervence?

The answer to this question is every time. Though Etsy intervenes almost every time, the platform asks buyers to contact the seller directly. This is a great way to resolve any return issues. If there are any issues left or unsuccessful workings while working with the seller, then there can be certain situations that can occur.

If there are any issues, Etsy will step in and resolve your situation. Here are some scenarios that can happen to you.

  • You haven’t got the item, and the seller refuses a return.
  • You have received a damaged item, and the seller is refusing to return the shipping fees.
  • The seller does not want to accept your return request.
  • You have got the wrong item, and the replacement policy will not work.

If you are facing this kind of scenario, then you need to select “open a case,” and then Etsy will step up to resolve your situation.

First, you need to go to Your Account, then you will find an option to purchase and reviews, go there. After that, select Help with Order. Now, you need to tap on the Still need help. In the last step, you can see a point saying, “Yes, I want to open a case.” You need to choose a reason before confirming.

After submitting, Etsy will take action and try to resolve the issue within a maximum of 48 hours.

Do Sellers Need To Pay The Return Shipping?

If the reason is related to the seller, such as sending you the wrong or damaged item, then don’t worry, it’s the seller’s responsibility to pay the return shipping charges.

But, if the case is where you do not want the product or don’t like the item at all, then you need to be on the hook and pay the shipping charges. This is one of the reasons I told you to check the seller’s page closely.

Where To Return Items?

Yes, there is a way to find out where you need to send your delivered item. But remember to drop a message to the seller. You will find this feature within the Etsy system. It is best to let your seller know. You will find the seller’s contact information on the Etsy store homepage.

Other than mailing the address while sending the return, you should check how many days the seller asks you to drop the item in the mail. If you do this, then the seller will also let you know which shipping method would be preferable by the seller.

Also, don’t worry if you open a product. As long as you have done no harm to the item and it is in a salable cognition, the item can be returned. All you need to do is make sure that the original packaging is still intact.

Check Out As A Guest

If you buy an item as a guest, you can still return that item. But, in this case, you need to create an Etsy account. You can not return an item while being a guest. First, you need to find the email receipt at the time when you placed an order. Then, select “View Your Order,” and create an account.

After opening your account, it will automatically connect with your existing guest order. You can now claim your orders, and then contacting the seller is your next step if you want to return your order.

Final Words

When it comes to handling returned items, there are really some complications. One thing that I can say in this matter is that you need to proceed, but you should also be cautious. Sometimes, the sellers do not spell out the return policy, and there will be a hassle for sure. So, next time, read the return policy carefully.

I guess now you have no confusion regarding Etsy return policy. If you have, please contact us in the comment section below. So, can you return to Etsy? Yes, you can.

Thank You.

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