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Who Is Gary Morton? Net Worth, Lifestyle

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Name Morton Goldaper. 
Occupation Comedian, Actor, Producer.
Gary Morton SpouseSusan Morrow (1953 to 1957)

Lucille Ball (1961 to 1989)

Susie McAllister (1996)

Years Active 1965 to 1990.
Gary Morton’s Net Worth $5 Million. 

Gary Morton is a renowned stand-up comedian in the USA. he used to perform usually in the venues like hotels and resorts. He used to perform in the resorts of the Borscht Belt. he was a New York born and was the son of Morris GOldaper and Rose Greebfeder Goldaper. Gary also had a sister named Helen.

Although a stand-up comedian, he later became an executive producer in association with his second wife, Lucille Ball. But why is it so famous? This article focuses on the life and relationship of the famous stand-up comedian Gary Morton.

Lucille Ball Gary Morton Relationship

Lucille Ball Gary Morton Relationship

Gary married the famous Lucille Ball, who was 13 years older than him. But why is he famous? How did he get married to Lucille Ball? He met Lucille Ball in 1960. Surprisingly, Morton said that he never saw the I Love You Lucy series since he was always working at night. 

On November 19, 1961, Gary Morton and Lucille Ball got married at the Marble Collegiate Church of New York City. There were rumors that morton was a gold digger. He had to sign a prenuptial agreement with his wife Lucille when marrying her. This agreement was for stifling the rumor about Morton being a gold digger. 

Lucille Ball Started Seeing Gary Morton After Her Divorce 

Lucille Ball Started Seeing Gary Morton After Her Divorce

Lucille Ball was married to the famous Desi Arnaz for 20 years. They were also the famous I Love You Lucy pair. However, they divorced in 1960, and Ball found love in the famous comedian and entertainer Gary Morton. While describing Morton, the author of The Life of Lucille Ball, Kathleen Brady, said, “were of the kind Lucy called ‘ugly/handsome,’ a composite of broad rugged features that were wrong individually but balanced one another well.”

This Is How Gary Morton And Lucille Ball Meet

This Is How Gary Morton And Lucille Ball Meet

The duo met each other for the first time under funny circumstances. When Gary Morton met Ball at a club, he tried to shake hands with her. But he dipped his neck tie into her coffee by accident. Not long after, Lucille sent him three replacements of the tie. Gary also called her to say thank you. 

Shocking: Gary Morton Never Watched “I Love You Lucy”

Shocking Gary Morton Never Watched I Love You Lucy

Morton had confessed to having never watched the show “I Love You Lucy” by Lucille Ball. Morton had said that he could not watch the show because he was working in the clubs even on Monday nights. As a result, he could never watch “I Love You, Lucy.”

According to the biographer of Ball, “the struggling comedian” was unimpressed by the success and career achievements of Lucille Ball. 

“Gary seemed oblivious of the achievements that so impressed everyone else. He claimed that because he so often worked in clubs on Monday nights, he had never seen I Love Lucy.”

Bob Hope Did Not Understand What Ball Saw In Morton 

Bob Hope Did Not Understand What Ball Saw In Morton

Another famous and iconic the then comedian Bob Hope could not understand what Ball saw in Morton. According to Bob’s view, she was too good for Gary Morton. He also mentioned that she could find someone more suited for her, someone, who is in the same sphere as her.

Hope had said –

“That one of the most respected and richest people in show business would take up with a second banana amazed those who did not know her well. ‘What are you going around with that kid for?

Despite the criticism Morton had received, he remained married to Ball for years before she died. Seven years after the death of Lucille Ball, Morton married a professional golf player. 

Gary Morton’s Career As A Producer

After his marriage to Lucille, Morton started to get involved with the production. He got involved in his wife’s career. Morton slowly shifted into becoming a producer during the remaining time of his career. This was also during the time when Ball was the ritual head of the Desilu Production and had her solo career. Morton’s brother-in-law worked on the board of directors in different roles. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):-

I think you had fun reading about the life of Gary Morton and his relations with his spouse Lucille Ball. Here are some popular questions that fans look for answers to.

Q1. How Old Is Gary Morton?

Ans: Gary was born in 1924, and he died in 1999 at the age of 74. 

Q2. What Shows Did Gary Morton Produce?

Ans: After his marriage to Lucille Ball, Gary Morton slowly shifted his career from being a comedian to a producer. Here are three different shows that he produced –

  • CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years.
  • Lucy Calls the President.
  • All the Right Moves.

Q3. Did Lucille Ball Marry Gary Morton?

Ans: Famous actress Lucille Ball married Gary Morton, the comedian, in New York in 1961. According to popular opinions, although they were married, Ball did not love him. Gary had to sign a prenuptial agreement as he was rumored to be a gold digger. After the marriage, Lucille told the journalists that she was looking forward to a nice and quiet life.

Q4. How Much Older Was Lucille Ball Than Gary Morton?

Ans: Lucille Ball was 13 years older than Gary Morton, her husband. He was married to Lucille until her death in 1989. After Lucille died, Gary married Susie McAlliste, a professional golf player, in 1996, three years before his own death. 


The life of Gary Morton is heavily intertwined with the life of his second wife, Lucille Ball. However, he had to sign a nuptial agreement with her during their marriage. Although he is famous for his career as a comedian, he is also known for his career as a producer and as the husband of the famous Lucille Ball.

I think you have gotten all the information related to the life story of Gary Morton and his wife. Please share your feedback with us in the comment. You can also place your queries below.

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