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Who Are The Highest Paid CEOs In The World? – Let’s Find Out

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The CEO is the highest-ranking officer in an organization. The CEO is engaged in strategic decision-making for the company as well as in the day-to-day activities. This individual also plans and implements changes based on plans through leadership and long-term planning. Also, the CEO is also the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. In this article, you will learn about the highest paid CEOs in the world.

In the next section, there is a list of the top ten CEOs in the world and their business ventures. We will also discuss their other sources of income and what are the various leadership skills that set them apart. Furthermore, you will also learn about their current earnings (as of the end of 2023). Hence, to learn more about the highest-paid CEOs in the world, read on through to the end of the article.

Who Is A CEO (Chief Executive Officer)?

Who Is A CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

According to Investopedia,

A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company. Broadly speaking, a chief executive officer’s primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. In many cases, the chief executive officer serves as the public face of the company.

The board of directors of the company as well as its shareholders, elect the CEO of the company. They choose either from within the company or bring a new one from the outside, as per the company’s needs.

What Does A CEO Do?

According to Wall Street Mojo,

The Chief Executive Officer assures that the organization’s leadership creates awareness in the internal and internal competitive environment, including the opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, increasing the customer base, markets, and potential new industries.

Through effective leadership, the CEO of a company takes the overall responsibility of leading the organization. The individual, through proper vision and planning, creates and implements strategic decisions for the company. This helps the company and its stakeholders to achieve common objectives and generate wealth.

The Highest Paid CEOs In The World

The following are the top ten highest paid CEOs in the world:

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and is the owner of various other companies. He is also the Chairman of social media platform X (formerly Twitter). In 2021, he earned a $10 billion compensation from Tesla. From the latter, Musk does not earn a salary, rather, he earns through stock options.

2. Robert Scaringe

Robert Scaringe

He is the CEO of Rivian Automotive, which is the rival of technology company Tesla. Rivian also specializes in EVs and electric vehicles. He was one of the major CEOs in 2021 to earn billions. He also owns about 4,511,767 shares of Rivian Automotive Inc. stock which are worth over $79 Million.

3. Tim Cook

Tim Cook

He is the CEO of the technology company Apple. He assumed this role in 2011 after the death of Steve Jobs. Since then, he has been consistently among the top-paid CEOs in the world. In 2021, Cook’s total compensation amounted to $853 million, which consisted of salary, bonus, and stock awards.

4. Peter Rawlinson

Peter Rawlinson

Peter Rawlinson is the CEO of Lucid Motors. He also holds the role of CTO. Lucid Motors is another competitor of Elon Musk’s Tesla and makes luxury electric vehicles. Lucid Motors paid Rawlinson a package of about $575 million, which consisted of salary, bonuses, perks, and rewards from stock.

5. Tom Siebel

Tom Siebel

He is the CEO of C3.ai, which is an Artificial Intelligence software provider. In 2021, Siebel earned $344 million through stock options and had a salary of $5,646. However, the price of stock has fallen since 2021, as the company also claimed that this is not the value of Siebel’s options awards.

6. Sue Nabi

Sue Nabi

She is the CEO of Coty, a beauty company dealing with cosmetics and personal care products. Nabi earns a compensation package of $283 million, which consists of her salary, perks, and stock options. However, as per reports, she has not yet collected the stock awards.

7. Joe Bae

Joe Bae

He is one of the CEOs of the private equity firm KKR. The other CEO of the company is Scott Nuttall, who is also one of the highest paid CEOs in the world. He earns a sum of $279 million, which consists of salary, bonus, perks as well as rewards from stock.

8. Tomer Weingarten

Tomer Weingarten

Tom Weingarten is the CEO of SentinelOne, a cybersecurity software provider. He earned $275 million in 2021, which consists of salary and stock options. His options and awards depend upon reaching certain performance milestones.

9. Alex Karp

Alex Karp

Alex Karp is the CEO of Palantir Technologies, which runs data analytics software powered by AI. As per many reports, the company’s Gotham played a huge role in finding Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011. Karp earned $264 million in 2021 after taking a pay cut, which included stock awards, options, and salary.

10. Sid Sijbrandij

Sid Sijbrandij

Sid Sijbrandij is the CEO of GitLab, which is a software development program that allows people to collaborate and build applications. Furthermore, he earns a compensation package of $263 million through stock awards, salary, and stock options.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting to learn about the highest paid CEOs in the world. You can learn about these CEOs and see that not all the CEOs belong to major tech companies. The ranking is based on salaries, bonuses, perks, and stock options. However, in some cases, CEOs receive restricted stock options as a major part of compensation.

As per reports in the Wall Street Journal, many CEOs have received much smaller pay in 2022 due to fluctuations in the market. The compensation package depends on market valuation, and hence they might get more or less than they expect to receive. Do you have any other information to add? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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