“I Want to Start a Business but Have No Ideas!” : 102 Business Ideas to Thrive in the Future

“I Want to Start a Business but Have No Ideas!” : 102 Business Ideas to Thrive in the Future

Business Planning 16 March 2024 30 Mins Read

“I want to start a business and have no ideas!”

This should not be a problem for an entrepreneur of the future.

Whether an established businessman or someone on their first entrepreneurial journey, the reasons to start a business can be plenty. But, it is difficult to establish something unless the core foundation of a business is missing – the idea!

Once the idea is there, further introspections and research start related to the feasibility of an idea, the market size of a particular industry, funding, risks, partnerships, and so on.

But what business ideas will the entrepreneurs of tomorrow’s world strive for? Technology has already laid out a path for that. This article follows that path and lists 100 business ideas for the future entrepreneur.


1.4D Printing

Market Size: $0.45 billion in 2024,

Market Growth Rate: $2.85 billion by 2029

You must have already heard of 3D printing. 4D printing is just an advancement of the same. It means creating objects that can transform themselves over time. These are objects that will change their shapes and materials as per their exposure to different external stimuli such as light, temperature, moisture, etc.

What’s more interesting is that 4D printing will take part in multiple industries and will revolutionize medicine, engineering, and architecture. So, the cross-industry potential is more than enough.

2.Jet Packs & Flying Accessories

Market Size: $20.89 billion

Market Growth: $41.4 billion by 2032

The day when humans will be flying on their own is not too far away. Jet packs are not just a thing from the GTA universe. It is a thing of the present, and it will proliferate even more in the future. Experts are already seeing lots of potential in jetpack production, starting schools, jetpack rentals, and jetpack sports. All of these business opportunities are not far away. Also, both the market size and business growth opportunities are ample.

3.Quantum Computers

Market Size: $866 Million in 2023

Market Growth: $4,375 Million

The world has already been bombarded by Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Generative AI, etc. So, what’s next? Quantum computers are the next big thing in the IT and the business world. Quantum computers will revolutionize computers through their calculations, which are based on Quabit values. Unlike traditional computers that base their value between 0 and 1, it will also use different intermediate values. So, computers will function much better going forward.


4. Robot Neutralizing Weapons

Market Size: $14.5 billion in 2020

Market Growth:  $24.2 billion by 2025

Robots have been there for a long time. Now, they are in the stage of advancement thanks to AI and machine learning. But Robots are both blessings and threats to human civilization; if they fall into the wrong hands, they can do serious damage to humanity.

That’s why weapons and technologies to neutralize robots will also come into existence. The manufacturing and sale of weapons to control, neutralize, and destroy robots will also give the future world a new business idea to start.

5.Robot Manufacturing

Market Size: $12,083.5 Million in 2022

Market Growth: $31,113.8 Million in 2033

Streets, parks, cafes, and other public places will be heavily populated by robots in the future. So, it’s almost undeniable that there will be lots of robot manufacturing companies in the future. Aside from manufacturing, robot repairs, rental, etc, will also proliferate as businesses. The chances of diversification are immense, with robot rental services, training, and management-related institutions also potentially popping up.


6. Lab-Grown Human Body Parts

Market Size: $18.49 Billion in 2019

Forecasted Market Size: $32.62 Billion 2027

The medicine and surgical industry is evolving as well. People will not only fly in the sky, but they also strive to live longer. Renewing a few organs through surgery will not be impossible soon. Organ printing through 3D printers is not totally impossible anymore. So, if you are thinking about futuristic business ideas, then here is one that you might be interested in.

7.VR Businesses & Communities

Market Size: $25.11 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $165.91 billion by 2030

VR will revolutionize so many industries, including gaming, education, entertainment, coaching, networking, and more. Going forward, many business and organizational meetings will be held through VR. So, the VR manufacturing industry is pretty vast and comes with lots of opportunities while revolutionizing different aspects of human life.

8.Space Logistics

Market Size:  $4.5 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $14.6 billion by 2029

Colonizing Mars is not 100 years away anymore. Even if we don’t get to start a civilization out in space, space exploration and space stations are getting upgraded and expanding. That calls for Space Logistics. Products need to be shipped to space and back. This will combine the aerospace industry with the delivery and logistics industry in a larger scope.

9. Plastic Recycling

Market Size: $43.62 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $77.89 billion by 2031

Some of the new technologies invented in the current and the previous decade will combine and change the world forever. “I want to start a business but have no idea,” you don’t have to worry about that problem in the future. There might be some device that integrates a plastic manufacturing machine, 3D printer, and generative AI. You will just give some prompt and throw in some recycled plastic, and it will generate whatever you want.


10. Cyber Security

Market Size: $298.5 billion by 2028

Market Growth: $190.4 billion in 2023

With the rapid digitization of the world, the most valuable thing today is data itself. Criminals nowadays want to steal data, and data is at utmost threat. Internet crimes, cyber crimes related to personality fraud, and stealing digital properties are real-world problems that need a solution.

Different businesses, the government, NGOs, and non-profit organizations would want to keep their data secure and protect their databases, smartphones, computers, and IT systems. That brings a good opportunity for the cyber security business to expand in the future.


11. Blockchain Technology

Market Size: $17.46 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $469.49 billion by 2030

Blockchain technology can change the world of finance, business, banking, and the ownership of digital assets. In fact, it has already revolutionized the world of tech with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and dApps. Banks can have end-to-end encrypted payment apps that secure personal and corporate finance. More so, blockchain can secure voting and different other critical infrastructures.


12. Medical Equipment

Market Size: $63.4 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $71.2 billion

The pharmaceutical and medical sectors will always thrive, and the future for the medical sector only looks bright. Business regarding medical equipment and accessories will also grow exponentially as global hospitals start to usher in new tech equipment. After the COVID outbreak, masks, PPE kits, and similar equipment went through mass manufacturing.

13. Online Education

Market Size: $31.20 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $175.52 billion by 2030

If we can work remotely, degrees can be obtained remotely and through online education. The tech industry is going through rapid evolution. Many business schools are also considering providing online degrees to students from different backgrounds.

In fact, e-schooling and online education are very normal in today’s world. The future of the education sector will be heavily dominated by technology and other online settings. It opens lots of opportunities for new-world entrepreneurs.

14.Energy Production

Market Size: $31.20 billion

Market Growth: $175.52 billion

I want to start a business and have no ideas. Most entrepreneurs won’t be thinking about this in the future. All large industrial sectors are going through a transformation as of now. The energy sector will see some changes as renewable energy sources become mainstream.

Electricity from helium-3, biofuels, fuels from hydrogen, and even natural lightning are being considered by modern-day scientists. As space flight becomes more common, there will be a specific fuel source for space flights. This demand can also lead to the opening of a new industry.

15. Organic Food

Market Size: $140.46 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $366.66 billion by 2029

The Internet has already made it easy for people to access the information they want. As time grows, we are becoming more conscious about what we eat. With the rapid growth of the human population, the quantity of food has been a primary focus for the last few decades.

But, eventually, that might come to pass. People are more inclined to consume organic food. This will spark the start and expansion of a new world. Many farms will start producing organic food, which will lead to a revolution in the food industry. Organic restaurants and foods will be popular in the coming future.

16. Lab Grown Food

Market Size: $12,417.04 million in 2021

Market Growth: $21,208.53 million by 2031

Did you know that tissues can be grown in a laboratory nowadays? The non-veg food industry might change following the growth of this technology. Many fresh meat, steaks, and chicken wings and breasts might be manufactured in a lab. Yes, lab-grown food is totally possible.

17. Meta Verse

Market Size:  $54.72 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $2127.21 billion by 2032

Imagine different fan fests and business and trade shows being held in a virtual space. This will integrate VR technology with the metaverse, where people can organize events, market different products and services, create assets, and sell them. The virtual world will be a distinct layer of existence vital to human life, and the scope of starting businesses there is immense.

18. 3D printed Construction

Market Size: $3.42 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $519.49 billion by 2032

3D printing will revolutionize different industries, and real estate is one of them. 3D printing will hasten the creation of homes and rapidly solve housing-related problems worldwide.

Real estate companies will use 3D printers to manufacture different construction parts and even small houses. This is one of the future business ideas many real estate entrepreneurs will take upon.

19. Laser Production

Market Size: $1895.7 million in 2022

Market Growth: $2472.12 million by 2028

Lasers have been integrated into the military and the medical industry. Laser therapy for different medical operations and surgeries is quite common. The military can also use lasers to determine distance, give signals, and use them as a medium for communication.

However, like all technologies, lasers will also become cheaper and used across industries. Laser technology will also be useful for domestic and institutional securities. The application of lasers is unimaginable.

20. Big Data

Market Size: 220.2 billion in 2023

Market Growth: USD 401.2 billion by 2028

Big data is one of the most important parts of today’s tech world. Every minute, thousands of terabytes of data are being generated. Big data, as a new process, facilitates the analysis of thousands of petabytes of data.

It helps with the understanding of different trends, internet behaviors, and interests of a large audience demographic. Companies and entrepreneurs will integrate big data solutions into their businesses to get valuable insight for starting and scaling up their businesses.

21. Data Trading & Research

Market Size: $100.84 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $ 184.53 billion

The core element of any type of organization going forward will be data. Businesses are included to protect data as if it were the holy grail. The protection, access, sharing, and selling of databases will evolve into different business models in the future. If you are thinking of considering a business idea that has a future, then this is something you can consider.

22. Anti-Drone Alarms & Accessories

Market Size: $1.87 billion in 2023

Projected Market Growth:  $5.2 billion by 2028

Drones are useful for safety, monitoring, delivering parcels, and more. But, as they become more accessible, drones can also interrupt privacy and can make a nuisance out of themselves. So, technologies to neutralize drones will evolve and proliferate.

As more normal people and criminals start to use drones, drone-neutralizing technologies will become prominent.

23.Agriculture Robots

Market Size: $6 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $37.05 billion by 2033

We have already been using different technologies in the agriculture sector. Robots will further increase the production rate and reduce human manual work. Robots integrated with artificial intelligence can do a lot of good for the agriculture sector. 

They can help remove weeds, check the irrigation levels, and analyze the health of the crops. Robots will help with so many manual tasks, such as pruning trees and harvesting. So, many businesses that manufacture, sell, and repair farming robots will pop up. The future of business will be heavily saturated by companies manufacturing and repairing robots.

24.3D Printing

Market Size: $18.33 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $105.99 billion by 2030

If you are looking for business ideas that will sustain and thrive in the future, 3D printing can be the best one.

It has already been out there, but as time moves forward, the technology will improve and open new doors. What’s more, 3D printing can mitigate the need to order or buy things from the store. People will create them from the comfort of their homes.

25. Space Real Estate

Space technology and crafts are enhancing. Many countries are planning to set up space stations, satellites, and more. It is possible that between 2030 and 2050, there will be space stations and space real estate out in space.

Bases, bunkers, and buildings on other planets may not be impossible in the near future. Space real estate might not be entirely an impossible thing. A valuable idea among future business ideas is also the production of accessories necessary for space rockets, space stations, and life in space.

26. Spacecraft Production & Rental/Sale

Market Size: $6.91 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $8.39 billion by 2029

One of the most exciting and interesting future business ideas would be related to spacecraft manufacturing. In fact, there is a possibility for spacecraft repairing, selling, and rentals to expand into full-fledged businesses. The possibility of the spacecraft and life in space is not far away. Spacecraft production and selling business can take robust growth.

27. Global Satellite Earth Observation

Market Size: $7.7 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $14.16 billion by 2030

Satellites for accumulating valuable data about the planet Earth have already been there for a long time. However, recently, new inventions in the space technology sector have taken it one step further.

Such satellites will be able to track not only the weather but also different atmospheric phenomena. It will also track chemical, military, and social phenomena on the planet Earth.

Starting from the government, so many private companies will use satellites, and the use cases will only increase. It is clear that satellite-related businesses will increase and continue to grow. Businesses in the satellite industry will definitely thrive.

28. Satellites With Sensors And Radars

Market Size: $9.67 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $29.19 billion by 2030

Space exploration will go to another level once satellites start to equip radars, and satellites will transform the detection and sighting of other satellites and different space objects. As a technology, this opens up a huge scope for business people planning to explore a space technology business.

29. Space Simulators

Market Size: $6.5 Billion in 2023

Market Growth: $8.2 Billion by 2033

Space simulators will be of great use to the world as space exploration reaches a new height with new inventions. It will help predict different things needed to explore outer space. Space simulation will help predict the location of useful and valuable deposits in space.

It will also assist with tracking threats and locating space debris. So, many tech companies will come forward and work on computer simulations based on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and big data.

30.Space Mapping & Navigation

Market Size: $223.64 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $541.78 billion by 2032

When space travel finally becomes easy, like traveling abroad or to the new states, navigation tools will emerge. We already have Google Maps helping us navigate through different locations. Imagine Google Maps making a map for space exploration! Sounds incredible, right? Space navigation and mapping tools will be created on a larger scale and be used worldwide. It brings the potential for a great business opportunity.

31. Asteroid Mining

Market Size: $811.46 million

Market Growth: $4508.30 million

What if mining was to be done in space? Well, we are not talking about Star Wars or Cowboy Bebop. At the rate Earth’s resources are depleting, it is only a matter of time before we start using different alternatives.

But the cosmos is full of raw materials and substances that can be of use. Many asteroids can potentially harbor valuable objects like gold, diamonds, and platinum. Also, since asteroids usually travel from distant parts of space, they can contain rare minerals. Asteroid mining can completely change the mining industry. If mining companies or investors are looking for business ideas for the future to invest in, they know what the future holds.

32. Zero Gravity Manufacturing

Projected Market Growth: $4.6 billion in 2030

Human civilization will keep using new scientific findings to come up with new solutions, and space manufacturing is one of them. Due to the lack of gravity, space will be an ideal place for the manufacturing of certain goods.

This unique production technique will help create protein crystals, computer chips, micro-encapsulation, and many others. Due to the advanced technology and cost-effective manufacturing, many businesses will form around space manufacturing.

33. Space Habitats

Market Size: $88.9 Million in 2023

Market Growth: $156.3 Million by the end of 2030

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had once shared his intention to send 10 million people to Mars. If not Mars, the outer space of the Earth can also be a place worth colonizing. As we move more into space exploration, humans will be living in space habitats.

So, naturally, it gives many companies the chance to design and build space habitats that help humans spend an extended period of time in space. There will be many businesses popping up in the future that will build livable properties in space.

34. Space Wears & Costume

Market Size: $123.7 million in 2021.

Market Growth: $1,576.3 million by 2030

As we get closer and closer to colonizing space, we have more things to worry about. For example, wearable in space. Human civilization will need specific types of suits and outfits to sustain the human body out in space. 

The harsh condition of the space and the lack of atmosphere and air might call for the need for unique space suit spacesuits. So, it is likely that lots of businesses will start manufacturing spacesuits. There will be a huge business opportunity related to space.

35.Flexible screen industry

Market Size: $16.11 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $296.14 billion by 2033

The flexible screen market is supposed to grow at a CAGR rate of 46.5% by 2032. There is an increasing demand for flexible screens for smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and various new digital devices. A new smartphone launched by Motorola recently, a wearable phone, will help many businesses thrive in flexible screen manufacturing going forward.

36.Drone Display

Market Size: $4.37 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $14.14 billion by 2029

As drones are growing in use across different sectors like the military, entertainment, etc., they require another technology. The drone display can help synchronize different footage, images, and telecasts of different events. Drone displays are becoming more popular daily and have a huge market opportunity.

37. 3D scanning

Market Size: 3 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 387.67 million by 2027

For 3D models to thrive in the future, another technology has to come into the light first. It is 3D scanning. This technology scans real-world 3D objects and converts them into a digital model. It will help lots of artists, architects, product designers, and more. They will be able to put a product into perspective, analyze it, and derive inspiration from it.

38.Programming Agency

Market Size: 60938.08 million in 2021

Market Growth: 99226.01 million by 2027

Yes, AI is real, and programming is a heavy task that is being handed over to AI. But that does not put all the skilled programmers out of commission. Programmers and developers will continue to thrive, and so will programming and digital product development agencies. If you are wondering, ‘I want to start a business but have no ideas,’ then this is definitely one idea you can explore.

39. Nanotechnology

Market Size: 79.14 billion in 2023

Market Growth: 332.73 billion by 2032

Nanotechnology certainly is a side of technology with the potential to change and revolutionize the technology world. Nanotechnology involves changing matters at the atomic level. It can help build and transform the technology world. It will be a lucrative opportunity to start a business related to nanotechnology, etc.

40. Smart Wearables

Market Size: $5.4 billion in 2016

Market Growth: $32 billion by 2030

IoT (the Internet of Things) is rising, and it is already revolutionizing different technologies. Nanotechnology will be integrated into smartwatches, glasses, and watches. Technologies powered by IoT (smart wearables) will help thrive and evolve sectors like health and fitness and more.

41. Smart Weapons

Market Size: $18.10 Billion in 2021

Market Growth: $36.79 Billion by 2030

New generations of weapons will be in demand more and more. Businesses manufacturing new-generation weapons and machines will come up. It will give opportunities to businesses that excel in the research and development of unique tech solutions for modern-day weapons.

42. Drone in Logistics

Market Size: $8.25 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $53 billion by 2028

In the next five years, drones will be a key player in logistics and delivery businesses. Going forward, companies will use drones to deliver packages and reduce delivery costs and time.

43.Smart Glasses

Market Size: $5.13 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $12.76 billion by 2030

The tech world will have lots of businesses popping up in the future. In fact, it is happening right now. Smart glasses, as a new tech solution, will revolutionize different aspects of business. These glasses will have augmented reality and facial recognition embedded in them. This will allow the wearers of this technology to access information and work without any hassle.

This technology will change and help different industries, such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing. However, smart glasses, as a business idea, are still under development. It is in its early phase and will evolve in the future.

44. Space Tourism

Expected Growth: Expected CAGR growth of 44.8% (2024 to 2030).

Another futuristic idea for a lucrative business is a no-gravity hotel. It is an idea for people excited about experiencing new things. A zero-gravity hotel will bring the environment you can expect up into space. Space tourism can evolve into becoming a prolific business in the near future.

Depending on how a business wants to operate, a zero gravity hotel can be built in an orbit of space or in specialized facilities that simulate similar environments as space. This can be a situation worth experiencing for people who want to experience something outside of this world.

45. Marriage Counseling & Therapy

Market Size: $928.5m in 2024

Marriage counseling and therapy for married couples is not anything new. However, as the world moves through different technological, social, environmental, and economic changes, new problems pop up. The divorce rate has been rising high, and personalized marriage counseling will always be necessary.

If you are considering a business idea, then starting a counseling and therapy business will certainly do you well in the future. With the integration of different tools, virtual sessions, and personalized sessions, experts can build a good business around marriage counseling.

46. Drones Production & Sale

Market Size: 35.28 billion in 2024

Market Growth: 67.64 billion by 2029

Needless to say, drone manufacturing will become more important going forward. Drone manufacturing companies have the opportunity to become as famous as the car manufacturers of today’s time. There will be multiple companies dealing with the manufacturing of drones and drone parts. So, there is no doubt that drone and drone part manufacturing businesses will thrive.

47. Smart Clothing

Market Size: $1.6 Billion in the year 2022

Market Growth: $ 5.3 Billion by 2032

E-Textiles can change the way we dress in the future. Imagine types of clothes where you embed technologies in the clothing. These clothes will have the capacity to show graphics, monitor users’ health, and provide data related to training and sports they are performing. It will also offer different types of wearable tech functions. These clothes will revolutionize different industries such as health, fashion, and so on.

48. Private/Home/Business Security Business

Market Size: $260.02 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $504.40 billion by 2032

In the future, private security will be a growing industry as individuals and businesses seek to protect themselves from increasing security threats. Home and business security systems will be more advanced. Both home and business security protocols will need to improve and change.

But thanks to modern technologies, AI, facial recognition, etc, will be integrated into both private and business security measures. Business opportunities regarding private security will emerge rapidly. These businesses will provide physical security, cyber security, risk management, and more.

49. Advanced Face Masks

Market Size: $26.7 Billion in 2022

Market Growth: $3.5 Billion by 2032

If we look back a few years, when COVID-19 broke out, a face mask was the most necessary thing we needed on a day-to-day basis. It is difficult to instantly come out with an antivirus for any potential threat like Covid right off the bat.

But face masks can help prevent it before the cure even arrives (at least for diseases that spread through the air). Advanced face masks manufactured using new and excellent technologies can become a thriving business going forward.

50.Elderly Care

Market Size: $1100 Billion in 2022

Market Growth: $1800 Billion by 2030

The elderly people will require different services at a specific time in their lives. They will require home care, food delivery, catering, and medicine delivery-related services. In addition, other services such as rehabilitation, services from physiotherapists, and other technical assistance can branch out as business ideas. So, if you are looking for business ideas that can thrive in the future, here is your option.

51.Rare Chemical & Element Production

Market Size: $2,821.3 million in 2023

Market Growth: $44,344.9 million by 2030

The need for rare substances and chemicals will continue to grow going forward. It is not easy to produce all these rare substances. It requires ideal environmental conditions, processes, technologies, etc. The processes also need to be very well-managed. So, it is evident that a wide range of businesses will form around these chemicals and substances.

52.Stem Cell treatments

Market Size: $17.78 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $28 billion by 2029

Stem cell treatment will become one of the most prominent treatment methods. It has the potential to treat and solve so many health problems. As technology and research progress, stem cell treatments will become more accessible and advanced. It will open the door to new ways of treatment and, thereby, greater demand. So, there will be huge business opportunities.

53. Hologram Devices

Market Size: $3.45 billion

Market Growth: $9.76 billion by 2029

Hologram devices are not too far from being the next big thing in the entertainment and toys section. The entertainment industry can create immersive visual experiences for content consumers through holograms. As technology evolves, we can bring the 3d simulation of the digital world. So, these ideas require developing advanced hologram devices, which open up the door to new businesses.

54. Sonic Weapons

Market Size: 6.8 billion in 2023

Market Growth: 14.5 billion by 2030

Sonic weapons are the future of the new world of technology, security, warfare, and crowd control. These weapons produce sound waves that are more powerful than the speed of sound. Sonic weapons can kill both human beings and animals. They can help change and transform the security and military system worldwide.

55.Terraforming Robots

Market Size: $17.76 billion in 2024.

Market Growth: $17.76 billion in 2024

Terraforming organisms, robots, and devices will help us with lots of work. This is an innovative approach to the technology itself that will help us explore what’s beyond our reach – like space, other planets, etc. These devices can help us make other planets habitable. Furthermore, they can also help to improve the environmental ecosystem of our planet.

56.Robots as Babysitters

Projected Market Growth: $37.5 billion

Robots are not just tools of human invention. They have different use cases. Based on use cases, robots can open doors to new business ideas. For example, robotics can help take care of children as a babysitter. Imagine having C-3PO from Star Wars taking care of a child. Of course, robots need further technological advancement before they can take care of these tasks. But this is certainly one idea that comes with the possibility of being transformed into a business.

57. Bridges & Footbridges to Connect Skyscrapers

Global Bridge Construction Market Size: $113.57 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $153.60 billion by 2029

In the future, people will need footbridges to travel from one skyscraper to the other. That is why bridges that build footbridges connecting high skyscrapers will be much higher in demand. Businesses will be responsible for making those structures functional and visually appealing.

58. Augmented Reality

Market Size: 13995.9 million in 2021

Market Growth: 92789.21 million by 2027

The way we react and interact with the world around us will completely change as augmented reality advances and technology progresses. Professionals working in different industries can use AR to visualize data in different ways.

59. VR Tourism

Market Size: $6.2 Billion in 2023

Market Growth: $44.7 Billion by 2030

Imagine a world where people are able to travel to distant locations from the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to move around the world; the world will move with them. With VR traveling, it will be possible. VR technology will create an immersive viewing experience that allows users to travel across the world without having to travel.

60. VR Good Production & Sale

Market Size: $67.66 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $204.35 billion by 2029

As the world starts adopting the VR and multiverse world, it will create the possibility for different VR equipment, tools, and products to emerge. It is like a VR gaming world where people will purchase items, clothes, equipment, gear, cars, and different other types of products. The VR world brings multiple business opportunities before us.

61. VR Dating Apps

Market Size: 8186.27 million in 2022

Market Growth: 10722.06 million by 2028

We have online dating apps that connect people in the real world. VR dating apps will take that one step ahead. There will be VR dating apps that let people go on virtual dates. It will create a new environment and a new experience of intimacy. Users will be able to go on virtual candlelight dinners, movie nights, and so on. The app will use AI and machine learning to suggest potential matches.

62. Autonomous Vehicles

Market Size: 121.78 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 2,353.93 billion by 2032

AI has recently made self-driving cars a possibility. Transportation solutions coupled with AI and machine learning will bring about new changes to the world of transportation. Cars will be able to navigate through traffic and obstacles and help passengers reach their destination.

63. Hair Transplant & Hair Regrowth Treatment

Market Size: $6.91 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $10.61 billion by 2029

Hair Fall is a century-old problem. Despite different treatments, many people cannot regrow hair. But, through biotechnology, hair transplants can help regrow hair. Already, many product solutions and treatments are available on the market. But, this is a generation-old problem with a huge market solution. Also, as new solutions come in, business opportunities will be around them.

64. Disabled Care & Rehab

Market Size: $144.6 billion

Market Growth: $240.7 billion in 2022

People with certain types of physical and mental disability need very personalized care and treatment. It also includes rehabilitation for individuals as such. As technology moves ahead, medicines and treatments for disabled people will come out, reducing the mortality rate in the process.

66. Artificial Blood

Market Size: $23.9 million in 2022

Market Growth: $40.5 million in 2028.

It is not impossible to create artificial blood. Different clinical farms are already researching this. A solution and useful source of blood will help patients who need instant blood transfusion. This will help solve a massive problem in the health sector and help cure difficult diseases.

67. Dermatological Services

Market Size: $0.77 Bn in 2022

Market Growth: $1.65 Bn in 2030

Dermatological surgery, care, and treatment will also thrive in the near future. Dermatological surgery and services related to it will help people look and feel younger. Skin rejuvenation is one of the services offered by dermatology. There will be dermatological treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help people who need treatments as such.

68. VR Assistants

Market Size: $2.35 billion 2022

Market Growth: $15.23 billion by 2030

VR will change many industries, including many consulting jobs. Professionals who provide consultancy to different businesses and clients from different parts of the world can work remotely. Through the internet, remote work is already a reality.

However, with VR in the mix, it can branch out and create possibilities for different professions. There might be VR assistants that help with styling, home workouts, mentoring clients to learn specific skills, and more.

69. Mining Robots

Market Size: $2.05 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $3.98 billion by 2029

Mining as a blue-collar job is great for people interested. But, it also has potential risks. Miners often lose their lives or get severe damage to their limbs due to mine accidents. But robots working as miners can stop the vicious cycle of miners losing their lives in the mines. With robot miners in the equation, lots of new jobs will be created in the robotics industry.

70. Bioplastic

Market Size: 11.5 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 27.3 billion by 2027

We all know how damaging plastic is to the environment. We have been using petroleum-based plastics for different reasons. But these are not biodegradable. It is impossible to dispose of plastic and expect it to degrade. That’s where bioplastic comes as a solution. Scientists are planning to build plastics using resources like algae, vegetable oils, corn starch, etc. Bioplastic products are eco-friendly, and they can be of help.

71. Translucent Concrete

Market Size: 8 million in 2022

Market Growth: 108 million by 2028

Translucent concrete is a new invention that allows light to pass through concrete slabs. It creates the possibility for interesting designs for apartments. These materials will be great additions to the floors, furniture, and facades. In fact, translucent concrete will help with environmental control and work as decorative materials.

72. Vehicle Sharing

Market Size:130 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 511.47 billion by 2032

The heavily populated urban areas are the best places for VSSs ( Vehicle Sharing Systems) to thrive. Instead of privately owning their vehicles, people might opt for shared vehicles that they can use on demand. This business model will reduce the overuse of vehicles on the city streets. VSS or Peer-to-peer car sharing can work wonders with blockchain, GPS tracking, and mobile apps in the mix.

73. Metal 3D Printing

Market Size: $1,800.2 million in 2022

Market Growth: $5,542.7 million by 2027

The manual creation and forging of different metal-made parts take a long time in manufacturing. Metal 3D printing can solve this by creating complex metal designs in a flash. The fast-paced production of 3D metal parts will offer custom-made parts for different industries. It will make manufacturing easier for automotive, aerospace, engineering, etc., and the new design possibilities will reduce the emission of waste material and optimize production.

74. Hyperloop & Magnetic Super Fast Trains

Market Size: 1290.08 million in 2022

Market Growth: 25380.07 million by 2031

Hyperloop is a transportation system that facilitates high-speed transportation through the use of low-pressure tubes and magnetic levitation. There are large, sealed, and low-pressure tubes that help pods travel at atmospheric pressure while facing low resistance through the use of magnetic propulsion. It can facilitate fast transportation of freight and people. Elon Musk was the first person to populate the idea. But the idea first came into existence in the 1960s

75. E-Commerce with Extremely High User Experience

Market Size: 8.80 trillion in 2024

Market Growth: 18.81 trillion by 2029

Emerging eCommerce brands are always taking it one step ahead with new technologies and solutions added to the business model. As the market becomes competitor-heavy, top-tier eCommerce platforms have to improve their operations.

A blend of masterful user experiences can improve their position in the market. Integration of AI, AR, and blockchain can maximize their customer service efforts and provide users with the best user experience.

76. GMO Food

Market Size: $113947.73 Million in 2022

Market Growth: $183038.46 Million in 2028

GMO or GM food is food containing genetically altered ingredients attained through genetic engineering. This is turning into a really good business opportunity due to the emerging global need for GM food. From 2023 to 2033, the global reach for GMOs is expected to rise at a rate of 6.5%, reaching a market size of $196,516.8 million.

78. GMO Wood

Market Size: $1.00 Billion in 2022

Market Growth: $1.47 Billion in 2029

Even trees can be modified genetically and made up of different genetic ingredients. This brings good news to the environment, industries, and forests. Israeli biotech firms have already been able to genetically modify eucalyptuses so that they grow 40% faster. Also, Living Carbon, a GM company, is modifying trees to help them absorb more carbon dioxide.

79. Human Genomics

Market Size: 27.81 billion in 2021

Market Growth: 411.35 billion by 2030

Human Genomics is the study and research related to the human genome. Human genomics companies provide services to genomics companies. This technology will help with the improvement of human health, evolution, and more. It is indeed one of the most unique business ideas to date.

80. Holographic Theater & Shows Business

Market Size: $44 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $67 billion by 2030

The future of cinema and movie theaters is going to be filled with holograms. Movies will have characters, images, and places that will appear like objects, giving the audience a great viewing experience. It will change the way the massive shows are run, and movies get shown.

81. Nanomedicines

Market Size: $174.20 Billion in 2022

Market Growth: $404.08 Billion by 2031


Nanomedics is an idea about creating robots at nanoscales. These robots can work at the cell level and pinpoint different issues in the cellular structure of the human body. Aircraft safe landing technologies. The market size of nanomedicine is supposed to grow at the CARG rate of 11% from 2023 to 2033.

82. Aircraft Landing Safety Technologies

Market Size: 7,211 Million in 2022

Market Growth: 7,455 Million by 2030

ILS, or aircraft safe landing technology, is a thriving industry that deals with ground-based equipment in the aviation sector. It always provides the pilot with helpful guidance during the crucial moments of landing and flight. Technological advancement in this sector is imminent and will open up further opportunities for business.

83. Nanosatellites

Market Size: 3.01 Billion in 2023

Market Growth: 8.68 Billion by 2030

Nanosatellites have the capability to change the way we view Earth and communicate. It can transform the Earth observation process, improve communication, help with scientific research, and help with remote sensing. It is transforming the space industry, and it will also open a new world for entrepreneurs.

84. Electric Car Charging Stations

Market Size: 38.5 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $76.9 billion by 2027

Starting with Elon Musk’s popular Tesla, there are new EVs coming out every year. As it goes more into fashion, EVs will be populating the global streets. EV charging stations will also be needed as more cars start to get manufactured and used across the world.

85. Cryptocurrencies & Digital Currencies

Market Size: $4.57 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $13.19 billion by 2031

Cryptocurrencies will work as a payment gateway, work as wallet solutions, and more. Digital currency mining and exchange platforms are already thriving as successful business models. Cryptocurrency tokenization and marketing services are also great business opportunities.

86. Water Desalination Devices & Factories

Market Size: $4.57 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $13.19 billion by 2031

Rapid popularization calls for a good source of pure drinking water. Through desalination, seawater can become drinking water and be available for humans. Desalination can become a business that many business owners can pursue. Desalination device manufacturing and their use can open up opportunities for medium to large businesses.

87. Force Field

Market Size: 911.7 million in 2024

Market Growth: 2434.8 million by 2031

In the realm of technology, promising developments in the creation of sophisticated force fields are emerging. These cutting-edge force fields have the potential to provide multifaceted protection in various realms, including space exploration, military systems, and guarding critical infrastructure. They aim to dramatically enhance safety measures in these areas, marking a significant shift in the understanding and implementation of protective technology.

88. Payment Technologies

Market Size: $61.3 billion in 2021

Market Growth: $74.08 billion in 2022

Payment technologies in correlation with cryptocurrencies and normal fiat currencies are becoming way more useful. Going forward. Contactless payment and fast UPI payments will evolve into world-changing business models.

89. Food Waste Management

Market Size: 69.8 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 106.31 billion by 2030

Recycling plastic and various other forms of waste has been not only a community-transforming job; it also has been opening up new business opportunities. Biodegradable waste can turn into fertilizers, while plastics and other non degradable wastes can be transformed into different useful products.

90. Cloud Computing

Market Size: 0.68 trillion in 2024

Market Growth: 1.44 trillion by 2029

Cloud computing is nothing new. It is transforming the IT, corporate, marketing, and various sectors by making data accessible from anywhere. Businesses can rent IT power (storage, software) on-demand via the internet and use them. It is possible only because of cloud computing. Companies can pay-as-they-go, scale resources up or down, and enable remote work. This booming field fuels innovation in AI and big data.

91. Employee Monitoring Tools

Market Size: 10.95 Billion in 2022

Market Growth: 20.46 Billion by 2032

Due to a boost in remote work culture, many companies are employing people from around the world. This also calls for the need for employee monitoring tools for employers. Employers need to stay on top of the productivity, attendance, and real-time metrics of their employees. Employee monitoring tools will definitely thrive in the future market.

92. Under Ocean Resource Extraction

Market Size: 2.7 billion in 2023

Market Growth: 50.0 billion by 2033

The need for natural resources will always stay prominent. Ocean resources such as fuels, minerals, diamonds, natural gas, etc., will help support the growing need for natural resources. Businesses related to under-ocean resource extraction will keep evolving and growing.

93. Pet Grooming

Market Size: $68.31 billion in 2022

Market Growth: $116.23 billion by 2030

The pet care, pedigree, and pet grooming industry also bring great opportunities for small business entrepreneurs. The global pet grooming services market is estimated at around $5.4 billion, with a projected growth rate exceeding 7%, reaching nearly $10 billion by 2030.

94. Homeschooling Services

Market Size: $5.41 billion in 2019

Market Growth: $10.14 billion in 2029

AI-powered platforms create customized homeschooling curriculums, with virtual reality field trips and real-time feedback from remote tutors. This will change the ways of schooling.

95. Privacy Protection Agency

Market Size:  $ 2.4 billion in 2023

Market Growth: $ 25.8 billion by 2033

Businesses and agencies will need helpful solutions to protect their data privacy. PaaS is a service platform that provides privacy services, consent management, disclosure, and compliance software to boost user control and transparency related to data privacy. A PaaS provider is the host of the hardware and the software on its own infrastructure. A recent study shows that it is supposed to grow to a $351.09 billion industry in 2030.

96. Online Media

Market Size: 155977.44 million in 2022

Market Growth: 262645.36 million by 2028

Streaming services, blogs, social media channels, meta verse, etc., will continue to thrive in the world of tomorrow. Online media is already opening up jobs at different levels, and small businesses and firms are thriving with AI at the front.

97. Health Monitoring Apps

Market Size: 80.61 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 269.31 billion by 2032

These apps ensure the physical well-being of the users through different sensors attached. This market is estimated to surge up to $861.40 billion by 2030. The anticipated CAGR of 11.6% from 2023 to 2030 clearly suggests why a business in the health monitoring app sector is going to thrive.

98.eSports Championship

Market Size: 1.44 billion in 2022

Market Growth: 5.48 billion by 2030

Competitive gaming and battle royal games are at their peak popularity nowadays. It has a huge growth potential in the future. As a business, this industry is supposed to grow exponentially. eSports betting, as an industry, has an estimated market size of $721.2m in 2024. The Esports market itself has a projected volume of $1,070.0m in 2024.

99. IoT Business

Market Size: $336 billion in 2024

Market Growth: $ 621 billion by 2030

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is thriving, driven by the production of smart devices, data management systems for those devices, and applications that harness this data. The interconnected network of devices is transforming industries, promising enhanced efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision-making. The IoT market is projected to reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2024, with exponential growth anticipated, reaching $4 trillion by 2032.

100. GIG platforms

Market Size: 14750 million in 2021

Market Growth: 92897.28 Million By 2031

GIG companies like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc, are growing rapidly. 36% of the U.S. workforce, or 57.3 million working people, engage in the gig economy. There is a vast range of people working in the gig economy, and it is clear that jobs and businesses in the gig economy will grow.

101. Virtual influencers

Expected Market Growth: $37.8 billion by 2030

The marketing industry is seeing new trends, and virtual influencers are one of them. These are not real people. In fact, they are CGI or AI-generated characters shown through visual content like Instagram reels or shorts on YouTube. Recent data show that this market was estimated to be of $3.60 in size in 2022. By 2030, it is supposed to grow at a projected annual growth rate of 38.9%.

102.Solar Battery Business

Market Size: $145.67 million

Market Growth: $387.67 million by 2027

Solar batteries are going to be in demand as the world moves more toward sustainable energy. These batteries will be needed for living homes, vehicles, and large industries. Many small and large businesses are already investing in the manufacturing of solar batteries. The market is also supposed to grow and reach a market size of $540 million.

Final Words

It is important to plan the future, and businesses, as a central force of the future, will shape it. The need for futuristic business ideas is growing every day. It not only ensures safety from current perils and dangers businesses might face but also reshapes human civilization.

What is far-fetched today might be a reality a few years down the line.

So, we put our best intention to foster imagination and invoke innovation through this article. All the business ideas explained in this article should be someplace in the future. Hope you are getting some insight from this article. If you find it insightful, do share it with like-minded business enthusiasts and share it across communities. Let them know what the future holds for the business world.

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