JPMorgan Names Amazon, Google As 'Top Picks' For 2024 Stocks

JPMorgan Names Amazon, Google As ‘Top Picks’ For 2024 Stocks

News 14 December 2023 2 Mins Read

This year was also about the Mega caps stocks. Most of the time, it was led by a magnificent seven. Google’s share prices rose in the market due to the presence of artificial intelligence. You need to take care of the realities while attaining your goals with complete ease.

The rising rates prompted all the investors to flock to the presence of the proven tech companies. JP Morgan is still making the case as there is still money to be made on high-flyers. They are the year’s big winners as they are the best buys of 2024.

Amazon and Google will again outperform in this quarter. You need to be well aware of the situation to make it work perfectly well in your favor.

Reason For Positive Prediction Of JP Morgan For Google & Amazon

There are numerous reasons for the positive prediction of JP Morgan For Google & Amazon. You should go through the details of it while getting your needs with complete ease. Ensure that the chances of errors must be as low as possible.

  • Both companies will benefit from the resilient bets due to the presence of generative AI.
  • The company-specific fundamentals are bigger factors here that you must consider at your end.
  • In the consumer-driven internet sector, the demand for Google and Amazon products will not fall, and their stock prices will keep rising with time.

Hence, you need to understand the facts that can make things more lucid for Google and Amazon to bet on higher prices in the stock market. You cannot make your choices in grey. Otherwise, things can become difficult for you in the long run. Try to make things work as per your requirements. In the upcoming quarter, there will be a significant price rise for Amazon and Google. You can earn more from investing in their stocks.

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