Still Now Best Manufacturing Marketing Strategy For 2023

Still Now Best Manufacturing Marketing Strategy For 2023

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published on: 17 March 2023 last updated on: 17 June 2023

See, when we hear marketing, the first thing that comes to our mind is B2C marketing, or how a business can increase its sales. There are fashion, lifestyle, design, cars, clothing, and other businesses that have been incorporating marketing strategies for their best practices, and the main purpose is to drive sales. But what about manufacturing marketing?

There are manufacturers who create goods and services and have been training inside and outside sales staff for the business. Their purpose is to connect with potential customers by sending professionals. A couple of decades ago, this type of sales was a major thing. And this is how the business partnership has emerged. But, now, manufacturers do not take participation in marketing.

There is paid online advertising, and there is content marketing for different sizes, types, kids, and, most importantly, different types of consumers and businesses. In this article, you are going to learn about manufacturing marketing strategies and everything about it.

Manufacturing Marketing Vs Consumer Marketing  

Manufacturing Marketing Vs Consumer Marketing

If you want to think about a marketing plan, the first thing that you need to know and understand is your client. So, are you going to sell to consumers or businesses?

There are marketing strategies for both businesses and consumers. In that case, you will need different channels. Here are the basic differences between these two different marketings.

1. Manufacturing Marketing  

Manufacturing marketing is basically B2B marketing. In this marketing, the sales cycle is longer than business to consumer. It is more complex. Let’s know more about it.

Target Audience  

In this marketing, the target audiences are other businesses that can be anything like wholesalers, retailers, chain manufacturers, and business end-users. This can be other businesses like construction firms, restaurants, and other businesses. So, you must know what your target is and the type and size of the companies that you want to incorporate with your business. And most importantly, the organizations that can make purchasing decisions.

Customer Needs  

When it comes to business customers, the first thing where you need to focus on is the quality of the product. Other than this, you need to take care of the budget and process as well. Businesses need to supply and serve their clients with what can give them the maximum profit.


There are businesses that choose products on different parameters like terms, credit, and price. The second factor is what your consumer think about your brand. The next important thing is how much technical support you can provide to your consumers. There are other drivers like decision-making, resources, and marketing.

Purchase Process  

The purchase process in manufacturing marketing is way too complicated. The process includes pricing comparisons, discovery, demos, quotes, and final purchase decisions. Before decision-making, you need to prove yourself your worth. If you could make a bigger purchase, you can impress them more.

Involved People  

There are people who are involved with the purchase, such as purchasing agents, managers, accounting and finance teams, and executive decision-makers, and there are other subject matter experts.

2. Consumer Marketing  

Marketing for the consumers directly, or B2C marketing, is called consumer marketing.

Target Audience  

The first thing about consumer marketing is the target audience. There are a couple of factors that divide the target audience, like demographic. You must know other factors such as geolocation, interest, age, career, income bracket, and family status. If a marketer wants to make a great strategy, then they must know their target audience.

Customer Needs  

When a customer wants to buy a product, they want their problem to be solved. They also want their products to be enjoyable, and the products could make their life easier. They want their products so that they can send a message for communicating, such as luxury items or with certain brands.


There are a couple of factors when it comes to purchasing decisions. The factors are quality, price, brand reputation, customer experience, reviews, and referrals, and there are other factors as well.

Purchase Process  

The consumer purchase process is quite simple and easy in this marketing process. The process starts with awareness, decision-making, and consideration. The complex area comes when the speed of the purchase takes place. Let me give you an example when you want to buy a burger, it takes seconds or minutes. But when you want to buy a sofa or tv, that can take days or even weeks.

Involved People  

When it comes to people who are engaged with the purchase, there are a significant amount of people and their close family members. If it is a large purchase, then there are lenders involved.

B2B Manufacturing Marketing Challenges  

B2B Manufacturing Marketing Challenges

Consumer marketing is easier than manufacturing marketing. But, B2B marketing is unique, and there are a lot of things that marketers need to know and apply. First of all, marketers need to make a good relationship with different organizations like vendors, clients, and supply chains. And the process is complex.

For example, half of B2B marketers think that they can make a collaboration with the sales team. Here are the challenges

Specific Needs  

B2B products are very specific, and organizations want specific raw materials for their manufacturing. For example, you can do great online marketing to increase traffic on an e-commerce website, but you can’t drive manufacturers to your website.

Sales Cycle Is Long  

The manufacturing process is lengthy. And this is why B2B businesses do not give results as expected. The marketing strategy must have something that can generate leads and increase awareness.

Products Are Complex  

If a business sells complex products, then there are not many people who know about the business or the organization. If the price of the product is high, then people will click less on the buy now option.

Final Words  

There used to be questions regarding marketing and manufacturing, are they coexist or not. The answer is transparent, they do not exist, but they must have to be. If you want to join in marketing, you need to engage with the manufacturing process as well. Otherwise, the whole process is irrelevant. I hope you have a well and good idea about manufacturing marketing. Thank You.

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