PepsiCo Gets Sued By New York State For Plastic Pollution

PepsiCo Gets Sued By New York State For Plastic Pollution

Business 16 November 2023 2 Mins Read

New York State has sued PepsiCo for plastic pollution along the Buffalo River. It has been allegedly contaminating the water and causing harm to the wildlife.

The lawsuit outlines Pepsico as the single largest identifiable reason for this problem. PepsiCo Spokesperson has stated in an interview with BBC,

“transparent in its journey to reduce use of plastic.”

PepsiCo is the second biggest food and beverage company worldwide. Aside from Pepsico, many other big companies are facing lawsuits from local authorities regarding their impact on the environment.

Most of these companies are facing lawsuits for greenwashing when they brand something as sustainable, eco-friendly, and green. But, in reality, they are not eco-friendly, according to the accusations they are facing.

As per the allegations, these brandings are misleading to the consumers who choose these products, thinking they are eco-friendly.

“No company is too big to ensure that their products do not damage our environment and public health,”

according to Attorney General Letitia James.

When her office ran a survey of different types of waste gathered at 13 sites along the Buffalo River last year, the PepsiCo single-use plastic packaging was the most prominent.

“Of the 1,916 pieces of plastic trash collected with an identifiable brand, over 17 percent were produced by PepsiCo,”

it said.

There are other food brands included as well. For example, McDonald’s, candy maker Hershey’s.

New York State states PepsiCo manufacturers are producing and packaging a minimum of 85 different beverages and 25 snack brands that come mostly in single-use plastic packages.

Pepsi said in a statement that it was

“serious about plastic reduction and effective recycling.”

It also added that it was a “complex issue” that needed the involvement of

“businesses, municipalities, waste-reduction providers, community leaders and consumers.”

The lawsuit alleged that microplastics were detected in the City of Buffalo’s drinking water, which

“can cause a wide range of adverse health effects, from reproductive dysfunction to inflammation of the intestine and neurotoxic effects.”

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