What Is Stealth Marketing

What Is Stealth Marketing? Explained With Examples

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published on: 10 November 2022 last updated on: 29 May 2023

In this digitalized world, word-of-mouth marketing is still the best way to promote products and spread awareness. Ad when it comes to marketing, there are different marketing techniques like email marketing, content marketing, PR Marketing, and so many others.

Out of all these marketing strategies, Stealth Marketing is one of the best ways to promote products and pursue selling, but it is not direct marketing where people know that a company is trying to sell its products.

What Is Stealth Marketing?

Stealth Marketing

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When a company promotes its products indirectly, that is called Stealth Marketing. In this kind of marketing, a potential customer does not have any idea that a company is trying to promote its products. The main reasons behind this marketing are it is beneficial and also a low-cost method. But, there are some ethical concerns.

This kind of marketing is called Buzz Marketing. There are so many different ways to do stealth marketing. The two most common ways are undercover marketing and product placement. The primary aim is to place a product in the customer’s mind. 

While doing this marketing, the company focuses on developing excitement and curiosity in the customer’s mind rather than driving sales. Without letting the customer know, a company aims to manipulate customers. 

Have you heard about guerilla advertising? So, undercover advertising is a subcategory of that. The are some basic examples of this marketing, like paying influencers, sock puppeting, product placement in a film, etc. So, if you want to grow your business, you can hire a stealth marketing group.

Stealth Marketing Strategies

There are two main strategies for this marketing.

  • Product Placement

Product Placement

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Product placement is a non-traditional marketing method used by companies to promote their products through movies, television, and other media channels. For example, suppose you have a business of candy bars, and there is a television show that kids love t watch. So, you can show your product on that channel.

For example, BMW, Audi, and other expensive automobile companies try to show their products in movies and television shows. Suppose there is a scene where the hero is chasing the villain, and both of them are using BMW cars. I guess now you have a pretty good idea about product placement and how companies use this method.

  • Undercover Marketing

Undercover Marketing

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When a marketer uses innovation and originality in making advertisements that do not look like an advertisement, that is called Undercover Marketing or Covert Marketing. Through these advertisements, companies try to introduce their products to audiences. 

A salesperson doesn’t know about a product thoroughly, but they can still sell the product. On the other hand, if you hear or read a review of an unknown product, you will be curious about the product. 

Stealth Marketing Goals

Stealth Marketing Goals

Every marketing has its goals and objectives. When a marketer tries to market a product, they have certain goals to achieve. The main objectives of marketing are to increase conversions, spread brand awareness, and, finally, increase sales. But, when it comes to Stealth Marketing, the goals are different. The main purpose is to raise awareness indirectly. 

  • Word-of-Mouth


You can take help from any marketing strategy, but word-of-mouth is still at the top of any marketing strategy. Through this strategy, your customers will become promoters and salespersons. After an audience is aware of the product, they will talk to others and spread awareness. 

  • Customer Reaction

Customer Reaction

The other goal is to build a positive impression of a business and its products. For example, if you watch the protagonist eats Lays chips in a particular movie. You will tend to talk about that, and then maybe you will try some.

  • Arouse Excitement and Curiosity

Arouse Excitement and Curiosity

Any audience who has been exposed to the marketing method tends to talk about the product. If you see a celebrity using a product in an advertisement or movie, then you will be interested in that product. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you will buy that, but at least you will search for the product.

Stealth Marketing Advantage

Why do marketers use this marketing these days? So, here are the reasons. 

1. Product Launching

Product Launching

This marketing is the best way to do that for pre-launch product promotion. Through this strategy, marketers can control the customer’s mind. And no matter what the price is, customers jump to buy the product. Sometimes, if a company wants to boost its products for a short period, they use this marketing technique.

2. No Advertisements

No Advertisements

I will state an example. Suppose you want to watch a Youtube video from one of your favorite influencers. Before starting the video, there will be an ad that you can skip. There is an advertisement of a product in that Youtube ad and the video your favorite influencer will talk about. Which will leave a better impact? You know the answer. 

3. Understanding Consumer

Understanding Consumer

Stealth Marketing also helps the markets to understand the psychology of a consumer. Through this kind of marketing, companies understand what they need to do to transform audiences into customers. Also, companies can filter the target group by choosing the right platforms. 

4. Brand Image

Brand Image

This marketing technique is also good when it comes to building brand image. For example, suppose you are showing your product in an upcoming Marvel movie. You know the audience. You know the huge fan base, so your brand image will automatically grow up. The next thing is to give excellent product experience and service.

5. Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

One of the best things about Stealth Marketing is that you can save a lot of money through this marketing. However, it will not cost you a lot of money. So, if you can do solid marketing, then you will get benefits with less amount. 

Stealth Marketing Examples

Stealth Marketing Examples

This marketing technique is not new among marketers. But, customers, most of them have no idea about it. Do you remember the advertisement where young women ask random guys to give phone numbers, the marketing was sponsored by Blackberry. And it was a hit. 

In the movie Top Gun, Ray-Ban used the movie to promote its Aviators. And after that movie, its sales increased by 50%. There was also the fake tourist campaign by Sony. The purpose was to promote its T681 mobile phones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

  • What Do You Mean By Stealth Marketing? 

Ans – You know the meaning of stealth, right? In this marketing, marketers use such techniques so that consumers will have no idea that companies are trying to persuade them to buy. Of course, one of the best ways is product placement.

  • Is Stealth Marketing Effective?

Ans – Stealth Marketing is one of the best, most effective, and well-known among marketers. No matter whether the sales are increasing or not, the main purpose of this marketing is to increase brand awareness.

  • Is Stealth Marketing Ethical?

Ans – This type of marketing is also known as Buzz or Undercover Marketing. There are people who think that this marketing is unethical and deceptive. The reason behind it is that people are not aware of the fact.

To Sum Up

Before starting Stealth Marketing, there is one thing that you must do- do the proper research and select the media that will work best. Though this marketing is quite famous and well-used, there are some disadvantages. You should also check these. 

  • Sometimes there is Ethical Quandary.
  • There are times when great marketing strategies can backfire on a business. So, it can endanger a brand’s reputation—for example, Sony’s 2006 campaign.
  • There is a chance to lose credibility. If an audience is smart, then nothing can break their shield and make them buy or use your product. 

But, there is almost every business that uses this marketing technique. You just need to create the best strategy possible. You can check our other article on Telemarketing and Partner Marketing.

If there is anything that you want to learn more about, please drop a question in the comment section below.

Thank You.



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