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What Is Strategic Thinking? How To Improve Strategic Thinking

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Hard work can only take us so long. If we want to achieve tremendously, we must set the right trajectory. This is why strategic thinking is one of the most important skills.

It is a thought process that allows professionals and entrepreneurs to set realistic and achievable goals. 

Strategic thinking is one of the key managerial competencies and skills that has an impact on a business. It involves analysis of different critical conditions and coming up with workable solutions that help dodge difficulties while also pursuing an opportunity. An employee competent to think strategically about a business and the vulnerabilities and threats against its opportunities can help find a solution that works. 

If you are curious to know about what strategic thinking is, then go through this article. This article gives you a clear understanding of its definition, core components, and tips to improve strategic thinking for your career improvement.

What Is Strategic Thinking?

What Is Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a logical way of thinking about a current or imminent risk that might come in the near future. This thought process allows a thinker to anticipate problems, risks, and vulnerabilities. More so, it is a process that helps them find their ways around those problems and pursue an opportunity. 

Strategic thinking facilitates one with a clear plan of action and goals. It fosters the generation and growth of new ideas and new solutions that might help an organization. It helps a business and a team survive and thrive during a difficult situation.

Strategic thinking is a skill that requires different soft skills like analytical thinking, innovation, research, problem-solving, leadership skills, decisiveness and problem-solving skills. 

Core Components Of Strategic Thinking

Whether you are a manager, team leader, or a strategist, thinking strategically would require you to have all the core competencies or soft skills mentioned before. Here are some of the core elements of strategic thinking and how it can lead someone through a change. 

A strategic thinker with a strategic plan can see –

  • One can see business opportunities and different threats and vulnerabilities while thinking strategically. 
  • A core component of strategic thinking is identifying and understanding the feasibility of an idea or a risk. 
  • The costs related to each of the steps a management or a leader is considering. 
  • The possibilities of different tactics being effective.
  • Methods of aligning objectives with the overall plan. 
  • The costs are related to each of the steps a manager or an organization has to consider.
  • Understanding how suppliers, competitors, and customers can affect the goal someone is pursuing. 

Strategic thinking also requires finding out different problems and challenges during the planning and problem-solving process. It requires small and core components such as –

  • Gathering relevant information regarding a problem. 
  • Clearly defining and understanding a problem from a strategic point of view. 
  • Brainstorming possible solutions.
  • Imagining further challenges and finding solutions to overcome them. 
  • Delegating assignments of different parts of this strategy to the teams and the key associates. 

Professionals Who Must Develop Strategic Thinking 

A strategic mindset is important in almost every professional setting. However, some professionals need to think about it more than others. For example, people working as decision-makers, solving any large organizational problem, or being involved in the process of decision-making require strategic thinking as a skill. Here is a list of who needs to develop strategic thinking as a skill –


Managers are responsible for the performance of their teams. They have to be accountable for everything their team does and their team’s achievements. A manager has to use their human resources effectively and get the output they want for the organizational goal. Having strategic thinking allows a manager to push forward smoothly. 

Procurement And Logistics

These individuals gather and supply an organization with necessary items, supplies, and tools. More so, professionals in this industry have to work with various suppliers and sellers. Organizing deliveries and shipping them to a specific destination in time is difficult. This requires mastering the skills of strategic thinking. A strategic thinker can help mitigate problems and interruptions that happen throughout the process of delivering supplies. 


A marketer cannot succeed without strategic thinking behind their marketing campaigns or decisions. They must consistently improve their sense of direction and spread the word about their brand. Strategic thinking allows them to improve their campaign accordingly and find out problems in the market that they can solve for their brand. 

Finance & Investment

Investment and trading are something else that require strategic thinking. Whether someone is investing for their client or themselves, they must pass through the perils and prizes of steady growth and volatile ups and downs. An investor can use their strategic thinking to tackle all of these situations and make the most out of their time and opportunity. 


Budgeting for personal or organizational goals is also something that requires strategic thinking. When a professional is in charge of managing an organization’s budgets, they have to set and allocate limited resources and stretch them across a time frame. A strategic thinker can make the most of their time and resources to develop the best budgeting system. They can work well with different priorities competing against each other and come up with solutions to achieve them. 

How To Improve Strategic Thinking?

Here are some common areas where you can improve to build and boost your strategic thinking.

  • As a strategic thinker, you must mato think about the future, identify trends, and determine places where to allocate resources. 
  • The strategic thinker does not let their own biases cloud their judgments. More so, they try to identify their own biases and find solutions. It would help if you uncovered your own biases and strategized to find answers. 
  • In addition to the tips before, listening to subject matter experts in your teams and understanding opinion leaders would provide you with helpful information. You can use the quality information to think more strategically and derive a solution. 
  • Strategic thinking is a process that allows you to learn to ask questions that matter. As a smart and strategic thinker, you must ask yourself questions like, is this idea credible? Or is this idea logical? This should help you find a pattern of questions that help you solve the right problem at the right time. 

Final Words

Technical and hard skills are necessary for achieving tasks. But, soft skills help a manager or a leader accumulate the tasks and aim for a trajectory leading up to certain achievements. Also, a strategic thinker requires good communication skills, adaptability to difficult situations, and the skills of observation. 

Now that you know what strategic thinking is and the ways to develop it, will you be interested in boosting them? Go to the comment section and let us know what you think about strategic thinking. Thank you for reading.

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