Who Owns Target? Things You Should Know

Who Owns Target? Things You Should Know

Who owns target? A big competitor of the much-known Walmart, Target also does not fall short when it comes to offering goods of high quality. Every shopper finds what they need here at Target. 

They have stores in all 50 states in the US, and 75% of the US citizens live within the range of 10 miles of a Target store. With 400 thousand employees, it is one of the largest retail stores in the US. However, who owns them? This article will help you find out all about Target and who owns them. 

Find Out Who Owns Target In 2022

Find Out Who Owns Target

Currently, Target is under target. This may sound hilarious, But Target is owned by The Target Corporation. All the Target stores and the Subsidiaries of the target are owned by Target Corporation. It is the seventh largest retail store in the US. 

The company started in Dayton. The company was not always named Target. The previous company that owned Target was named Dayton Hudson Corporation. Dayton changed the name of the corporation. 

They wanted to make it easier to identify the stores that were associated with them. That is why they changed the name of the company. The company is a publicly owned company. There are thousands of shares of the company. But the current CEO of the company is Brian Cornell.

Brian has been leading the company since 2014. So, I have given the answer to your query about who owns Target. Here are a few things about Target that you must know about –

Things You Should Know About Target

Things You Should Know About Target

Target is a pretty old corporation and has been around for years. As a result, it has gained the popularity and the success we see now. There have been several changes to the company. A brief history is here to help you know more about who owns target and who owned it before. 

How Did Target Originate?

How Did Target Originate

Target originated in the historic year 1857, and the first owner of the company was George Draper Dayton. Mr. Dayton had a moral leaning toward the community, and he wanted to do something to help communities. 

He wanted to become a minister. However, he ended up in the world of business. Dayton bought a few mortgages and became a bank president. As he started to accumulate experience, he looked for a place to start his own store.

He found Minneapolis was a promising enough place. There he founded the Dayton Foundation and helped the local community there. Soon he bought land and started his first store named Dayton’s Goods store. 

There was only one department of the store when Dayton started. He had only willed to sell high-quality goods to people, and he got a huge base of customers as a result. 

Who Owns Target: The First Owner

The First Owner

The company decided to change its name of the company in 1911. They simplified the name from Dayton Dry Goods Company to Dayton Company. It was meant for an easier understanding of the company and its branding. 

But the company had to face lots of problems in 1920 following a decreased amount of customers, and the workers also went on strike. Then, the first owner of Target, Mr. Dayton, hired two commercialized planes creating history with the longest commercial flight

This got the company good attention and publicity. 

Who Owns Target: The Second Owner

The Second Owner

Dayton had done much for the community as he wishes to. But he died from cancer at the age of 80. His philanthropic work was the main goal he aimed at. 

After his death, his son George N. Dayton carried out his father’s dream. He planned to give away 5% of the pretax profit of the company to the community. At that time, this store was the second retailer in the world to do something like this for a community. George was the second owner of Dayton, now known as Target. 

Who Owns Target: The Third Owner

The Third Owner

After George N. Dayton, the store came to the hands of his son Donald C. Dayton. Although all the Grandsons of Draper Dayton eventually came to the key leadership position in the company as its president. Here are the names of the next presidents of the company –

  • Wallace
  • George II
  • Kenneth
  • Bruce
  • Donald
  • Douglas

Who Owns Target Stores Now?

Who Owns Target Stores Now

Following different presidents and ownership, the company changed itself over the years. Dayton diversified its business and became larger as a store. But the most iconic shift for the company came in 2000.

The company changed its name to Target, and the parent company became The Target Corporation. Although they suffered an immense publicized breach in security, they pulled through in 2010 as they expanded in the urban market.

As of 2021, the target has acquired a $106 billion revenue. They have 1938 stores and 51 supply chain facilities across all 50 states of the US. If you ask who owns the target corporation in 2022, then I will say that the company is publicly owned. Target went public on October 18, 1967.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

So, those were the answers to your question. However, here are some additional queries and their accurate answers. You might find them informative.

Who Are The Shareholders Of Target?

There are many shareholders of Target Corporation. Here are a few names that hold a significant percentage of the company’s share – The Vanguard Group, Inc. has an 8.75% share, and BlackRock Fund Advisors has a 5.41% share. And SSgA Funds Management, Inc. has a 7.19% share.

Who Is Target’s Biggest Competitor?

The biggest competitor of Target Corporation is Walmart. They have 4743 stores of Walmart in the US, and there are alos 5000 international subsidiaries to the company. Another major competitor of Target and Walmart is Amazon.

How Many Shares Of Target Are There?

The current average volume of the Target corporation is 4.81 million. This publicly owned company went public in 1967 and is one of the largest retail stores in the US.

Bottom Line 

Who owns target? If you own a share of the target corporation, then you are also an owner of the company. There are 4.81 million shares of the company. Many large corporations own a large percentage of this company’s share currently. Also, the company had different owners throughout its history. 

I hope that you have found the answer to your question. However, if there is any further query, you may ask us questions in the comment section.


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