Everything You Need To Know About Yuanfudao

Everything You Need To Know About Yuanfudao

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published on: 06 April 2023 last updated on: 17 June 2023

Yuanfudao is an online educational platform that s based in China. If you are familiar with the Indian company Byjus, then you will have a basic idea about this platform. These two platforms are almost the same. The only difference is that these companies are from different regions.

The company that backs this project is Tencent Holdings, which is a Chinese tech giant, and this is one of the reasons that the company was able to step into the unicorn family. In 2020, Yuanfudao raised money, and the valuation of the company was $7.5 billion at that time.

Company Overview  

Here is the basic information about Yuanfudao.

Company Profile  

Company Overview
Company NameYuanfudao
FoundedMarch 2012
Founders➼ Ke Shuai
➼ Yong Li
➼ Xin Li
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Key PeopleCEO and Founder- Yong LiCo-founder- Xin Li and Ke ShunaiMachine Learning Engineer- Shen KeweiCMO- Song Huang
Area ServedChina
Products➼ Zebra App
➼ Yuanfudao
➼ Little Ape Calculation
➼ Dolphin Self-study
➼ Pumpkin Science
➼ Ape Programming
Employee Number5,000
Revenue~$500 Million (2019)

Company Basic Information  

Company Basic Information

Yuanfudao, established in 2012, is China’s largest online live course platform for primary and secondary school students. Yuanfudao provides a comprehensive curriculum that ranges from elementary school English and Mathematical Olympiad to all-subject secondary school courses with a paying user base of more than one million.

Students can take advantage of its one-of-a-kind online feature and a large pool of qualified tutors to receive live online tutoring at home from nationally renowned teachers, benefiting hundreds of thousands of students nationwide. The company’s main focus was to simplify education with the help of the internet. Also, they want to reach every household in China through their platform. And this was a new thing in the educational system.



Yuanfudao is currently the leading online education technology in China. There are several similar platforms worldwide, but Chinese people cannot access those platforms. And solving this problem was the first step in building this platform.

The company owns a number of online education products, including Yuanfudao, Zebra App, Little Ape Calculation, Pumpkin Science, Ape Programming, and Dolphin Self-study. These products offer users a variety of intelligent education services, including interactive online courses, intelligent exercises, and ability training, to assist students in systematically and effectively developing their knowledge and skills.

Online education with ape tutors is providing more Chinese students with an intelligent, convenient, and engaging learning environment. We are committed to providing every student in China with a high-quality, individualized education by utilizing technology to promote large-scale, individualized teaching.

Yuanfudo Technology  

Yuanfudo Technology

If you are interested in knowing the technologies that the platform uses. Here are the things you should know.

Yuanfudo Financial  

Yuanfudo has raised money a couple of times. Here are the details of that. We are mentioning the notable ones here.

SeriesDateLead InvestorsNumber of InvestorsMoney Raised
B1 August 2013Matrix Partners China and IDG Capital2$7 Million
C22 July 20142$15 Million
D30 March 2015CMC Capital Group4$60 Million
Corporate Round1 July 2016Tencent1$40 Million
E31 May 2017Warburg Pincus2$120 Million
F26 December 2018Tencent4$300 Million
G31 March 2020Tencent and Hillhouse Capital Group4$1 Billion
G31 August 2020Tencent4$1.2 Billion
GOctober 2020DST Global9$1 Billion
G24 December 2020YF Capital1$300 Million

So far, there are a total of 8 major investors that back the company. And when it comes to the total number of investors, the number is 18. The company has some investments as well. Recently, it invested in the Spark Educational Group and helped them raise a $100 million fund. Here are the investments of the company.

Organization NameDateFunding RoundRaised Amount
Spark Educational Group12 October 2020Series E, Spark Educational Group$100 Million
Oda Class 2 March 2020Seed Round, Oda Class
Magic Ears29 August 2017Venture Round, Magic Ears$6 Million

Yuanfudao Popularity  

The company is quite popular in its niche, and currently, there are a total of 28 technologies that run their website. The data has been collected from BuiltWith. Of these 28 technologies, there are SPF, iPhone Mobile Compatible, and Meta.

On average, the company’s official website gets around 12,000 traffic. And the growth of the traffic is around 145%. So, it is pretty much huge. When it comes to different regions, here is the list.

CountryWebsite RankingMonthly Visit ShareMonthly Visit Growth
United States1,304,52728%49.2%
Hong Kong75,1298%107.97%

Final Words  

As far the information from different websites, we have got that Yuanfudao is pretty much famous in its country. Other than serving its services in China, the company also provides its services in the South East Asian countries as well. Other than this, the platform is also famous worldwide because of the reason that it entered the unicorn family when Tencent participated in the Series-G funding.

If you have any other queries regarding Yuanfudao, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, the company has not published so much data on different websites, so we are unable to research more than this.

Thank You.

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