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Top 5 Benefits Of An Accessible Website

Design & Development 19 September 2023 3 Mins Read

Having an accessible website for people with disabilities comes with an exciting range of benefits. Here, you can discover the top five advantages and how you can make your website more accessible for disabled users in the future.

  • Only 3% of the internet is accessible to people with disabilities (Forbes)
  • 90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who use assistive technologies (Don’t Do It Yourself)

Today, it’s never been more important to have an accessible website.

This is true no matter what type of business you own, whether it’s a fresh start-up or a global organization.

Accessibility is key — but where should you start?

How To Make Your Website More Accessible

In order to make your website more accessible for disabled people, you need to have an accessibility overlay. This is a smart type of user interface with lots of different options for disabled users, such as being able to increase or decrease the text size. To learn more about this, here’s overlay accessibility explained in greater detail.

Accessible Websites: What Are The Key Benefits?

So, now you know how to start your accessibility journey, what are the benefits you can expect once your business website is fully accessible? Let’s find out!

1. Be More Inclusive to People with Disabilities

The first (and most obvious) benefit is that you get to be more inclusive to disabled people. This way, nobody feels left out, from the visually impaired to deaf people. When disabled people visit your website, they’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they have all the tools and resources they need to successfully navigate it.

2. Increase Your Sales

Every business on the planet wants more sales. Thankfully, you can boost your sales quickly just by having an accessible website. Without an accessible website, though, you run the risk of losing out on potential customers. Remember, 65% of consumers with a disability have abandoned a purchase because of a lack of accessibility options (The Drum), so don’t allow your business to fall victim to this, too.

3. Boost Your Brand Reputation

Inclusive brands are generally more successful than non-inclusive brands. If you look at most of the world’s biggest brands, such as Amazon and Starbucks, they all have inclusive values and accessible websites. Why? Because they care about their disabled customers and give their brand reputations a big boost!

4. Avoid Legal Damages

Over recent years, lots of businesses have been sued because they weren’t accessible (this is something that’s against the law). To prevent this from happening to your business, make sure your website is accessible to disabled people. No lawsuits mean no legal damages, which no business wants to experience in the current economic climate.

5. Attract Talented Employees

Some of the most talented employees you’ll ever hire are those who have some form of disability.

Naturally, when disabled candidates are interested in your vacancies, they’ll check out your website to see how accessible it is. If you have an accessible website, it shows that you are inclusive and care about the experience disabled users have with your brand. In turn, this will make them more likely to find the prospect of working for you more attractive.

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