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Dropshipping: Best Items To Dropship In 2024

Business 10 February 2024 9 Mins Read

You’ll be surprised to know that you need only three things to become successful in a dropshipping business.

  • Proper products to sell
  • Techniques to market them
  • Motivation for success 

 To help you better with this, we have put together a list of the best items to dropship in 2024 and the best of the ideas to market them. The motivation for success, however, remains something that you would have to keep up all by yourself. And the rest, you can put your full faith in us.

So, without any more delay, let us begin with the list that will take you towards a successful dropship business.

What Is Dropshipping?

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order-fulfilling method where the business does not keep the products it is selling in stock. When they receive an order, the seller transfers it to another company, which then ships the products straight to the customer. The seller is only a middleman between the company, the actual product, and the customer.

This kind of streamlined approach to order fulfillment and selling online products means that you would not even have to go through the hassle of leasing a warehouse, managing inventory, and juggling supply chains.

Best Items To Dropship [Niches] In 2024

Best Items To Dropship[Niches] In 2024

There are thousands of products that you may find online to dropship. However, finding the best ones that can fetch your immense profit may be difficult.

Here, we have a list of all the products that are expected to be hit in 2024. 

Women’s Clothing

This is one of the most trending and profitable niches when it comes to dropshipping. You can literally sell anything, starting from formal dresses to T-shirts, at a low cost. Select any theme that would define the brand and have a distinct offering of products that would set your dropshipping brand apart from the competitors. You have a huge target audience when it comes to this category. 

Out of more than 100,000 items that are sold under this niche on Amazon, most are for the holiday and winter season. The trend is possibly to go upwards. That is why I feel like this category should be on the top of the list of best items to dropship in 2024.

Baby Products

Baby products never go out of style. These are the items that people are always going to need. You would be surprised to see that there are more than 50,000+ results when you search “baby products” on Amazon.

Some of the best-selling products you will get within this niche in 2024 are baby wrap blankets for newborns, nappy backpacks, baby carriers, mini nebulizers, and newborn photography props. If you can position your brand perfectly in the minds of the people, there is no way that you will not be able to succeed in this line in no time. 


This profitable and trending niche in dropshipping has more than 100,000 results when you search for it on Amazon. It has some of the greatest interests online.

To generate profitable revenue from this niche, make to target younger customers and sell personalized toolkits to solve those minimal wear and tear issues at home, work, or even on the road in cars.

Some of the best-selling products within this niche include handy plastic welders, electric screwdriver sets, electrician scissors, and a lot more than what you may explore. 

Car Accessories

You will get a list of more than 100,000 search results when you look for car accessories on Amazon.

This also shows that Americans own at least one car per person. Therefore, car accessories will never really go out of fashion. They are here to stay and play. 

You can easily start selling things like custom bumper stickers, car decal stickers, mobile phone mounts, or maybe even AUX cables to generate profit from this very trendy dropshipping niche in 2024.

Beauty Products

Everyone, literally everyone, wants to look beautiful.

You will come across over 100,000 products if you look for this one niche on Amazon. This indicates how high the demand is for the items under this niche. 

Hyaluronic acid face serum, hair growth essential oils, makeup brushes, etc., constitute about 2,500 to 12,000 sales alone on AliExpress. Hence, it clearly shows that this niche has a high potential if you want to earn some money through dropshipping. 

How To Look For The Best Items To Dropship In 2024?

How To Look For The Best Items To Dropship In 2024

If you are looking forward to making your selection process easier, here is a checklist of all the steps that will help you figure out the best out of the rest in 2024.

  • Look through AliExpress, Amazon, or Etsy for the niche that you have chosen for your store.
  • Identify the best-selling products under each of the niches, looking to find out the number of items sold.
  • Look through Google Trends to double-check the popularity of these products.
  • Pick the ones that have a high demand, and you will have the product list ready for the store.

You may find all the winning items in dropshipping on platforms to find products available online. These will allow you to search for the best items to dropship. Some of them may include:

  • Product Mafia 
  • Thieve 
  • Pexda 
  • Trending Products to Sell 
  • Product Research Lab (FB Group) 
  • Shopify Dropshipping (FB Group) 

These websites will offer every detail that a drop shipper requires to successfully market their products, like profit margin, CPA, interest, and many more.

Most of these online websites also have their Facebook communities or forums. Here, the dropshippers can simply discuss the results their product campaign fetched. And, if they require more guidance from the authors, they may get it too for a small fee.

List Of Best Items To Dropship In 2024

Before, we only discussed the niche that can fetch you a great amount of revenue through dropshipping in 2024. Now, let us talk about the products in detail.

Knitted Dress

In 2023, comfort was the only priority when it came to dressing for women. Last time during this season, all our Instagrams flooded with comfortable and cozy sweater dresses, and now they are just back to make women look trendy and festive again. So, that is how we made sure to keep knitted dresses on top of our list this year.

You can get them in all Chinese online stores, but we would prefer to purchase them from AliExpress to fetch the maximum profit.

The price of the product starts from $15 and goes up to $28. So remember to maintain a 100 percent margin if you are dropshipping this product.


$15.87 – $26.04 


Shop3629072 Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

  • Women (22 – 35 years) 
  • Autumn dresses 
  • Sweater dress 2023 
  • Knitted dress Zara 
  • Knit dress h&m 
  • Knitted dress shein

Ring Lights

We are a generation that is influenced by influencers. And in the world of influencers, ring lights are an all-time favorite. There are several digital content creators who use it to make video content for several platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

These lights are available in all shapes and sizes. You may easily get them from AliExpress and list them down for a premium.

Product Analysis 




BTFOOR Official Store 

SkyCastle Store 

QIFU Happi Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

Men and women 12-35 years 

  • Ring lights 
  • Photography lights 
  • Lights for tiktokers 
  • Lights for YouTubers

Wireless Security Cameras

As per a recent survey by WBOC, the market for wireless cameras is expected to show a large growth in the coming years. This is the reason why we have listed it in our list of best items to dropship in 2024. It has earned an amazing interest online along with a period of more than five years.

Product Analysis 




ZOSI Official Store 

Movols Guard your Home Official Store 

KERUI Official Store 

Wonder Official Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

People between 25-34 years 

  • wired security camera system 
  • wireless camera outdoor 
  • Home Depot security cameras 
  • wireless security cameras Walmart

iPhone USB Cable And Type C Fast Charger

Everyone that has an iPhone must have these products along with the phone. Especially with the launch of all the latest iPhone models in the market, it is now no surprise that people will be obsessed with purchasing USB cables and Type C fast chargers for their iPhones.

However, the buying trend for this product is certainly dynamic. But it is an impressive idea for a gift. Therefore, when the holiday season closes in, this product will pick up sales, making this pair a great product for dropshipping.

Product Analysis 


$1.99 – $18.58 (with Type C Fast Charger) 


Ugreen Official Store 

BASEUS Official Store 

JiLeTang Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

Young people 25-34 years 

iPhone accessories 

  • Apple USB-c charger 
  • Apple lightning cable adapter 
  • iPhone 12 Pro charger 
  • iPhone 11 charger 
  • Mobile phone accessories

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are those improvements that a lot of us require on an everyday basis. However, these notorious buggers are easy to lose. Therefore, it makes earplugs a repetitive purchase. As a supplier, you may get them at a scanty price and put up a 100 percent mark while selling them.

Product Analysis 




ZOHAN Official Store 

SONOFF Direct Store 

Shop4355011 Store 

PiercingOnline Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

Various age groups 

  • Hearing protection 
  • Ear protection from noise 
  • Earplugs for concerts 
  • Concert earplugs amazon

Cordless Electric Drills

Electric drills are yet another amazing find this year when we talk about dropshipping products. The brushless electric drills are sold the most when it comes to a 5 to 6-piece set.

The combination that sells best is with two 21V batteries, one charger, five accessories, and one box. The Pro Stormer official store available on AliExpress has bagged around 6310 orders using this approach.

Product Analysis 




Prostormer Official Store 

ANEERPOWER Official Store 

NANWEI Official Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

Young people 18-34 years 

  • Homeowners 
  • Home repair workers

Couple Unisex T-Shirts

Matching T-shirts for couples has been a thing for quite a while. This is indeed a great gift that the pretty newer love birds like to offer to one another as a sign of their love and to celebrate their union.

They absolutely love to wear it on their vacations, at the beach, or literally anywhere they wish to make memories together.

This is the reason why we have these items in the list of best items to dropship in 2024.

Product Analysis 


$18.99 – $24.79 


jiangkao H Store 

TF Children & Baby Products Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

  • Young couples 
  • New Families 
  • New parents

Rice Cooker

Among the cooking appliances category of products, rice cookers are the ones trending the most these days. They are one of the best home appliances of 2024, as we speak. This is because cooking rice with a rice cooker is way easier than cooking it with a stove. It also reduces the time it takes to cook rice.

Product Analysis 


$14 – $150 


Angels House Store 

Lily’s Sunshine Store 

MATMO Mi Store 

Ad Audience Selection: 

People aged 25-34 

  • Mini rice cooker 
  • Zojirushi rice cooker 
  • Rice cooker amazon 
  • Rice cooker Japanese

Baby Monitor

As I mentioned before, baby products are a niche that will become highly popular in the coming year. Millennial parents are way too sensitive and cautious about their parenting skills and are pretty tech-savvy too. That is why baby monitors can be a great choice to earn money to drop shipping in 2024. 

Not only is it going to be profitable, but it is also a great product to ease the stress of parents as they hustle every day to raise their families.

Product Analysis 




  • BOAVISION Official Store 
  • HEIMVISION Official Store

Ad Audience Selection: 

  • Married Couples 25-34 years 
  • Working parents 
  • Baby monitor app 
  • Video baby monitor 
  • Audio baby monitor 
  • Baby monitor amazon 
  • A baby monitor with a camera

The Bottom Line

Dropshipping is indeed a great way to earn money in 2024. I hope we have provided you with enough input about the best items to dropship in 2024. There were the items that we felt were the best ones among the rest. However, you are free to explore the market and find out the ones that suit your preference the best and then decide.

If you can actively market the products to the customers, you can easily develop the business as a successful one in no time.

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