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What Is Mobile Marketing? Explained With Examples

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published on: 15 December 2022 last updated on: 17 June 2023

Almost every human being in this world has a mobile phone in their hand. And the number is increasing rapidly day by day. So, it is the best way to target potential consumers and boost sales up. And companies have found that mobile marketing is the best way to target more potential consumers. So, in this article, you will find almost everything about mobile marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

In simple words, mobile marketing is a kind of marketing or advertising where marketers use mobile phones to connect with potential customers to promote services or products. The device can also be a tablet. For successful mobile marketing, there is a need for mobile technology, tailored marketing campaigns, and location services.

In this marketing, there is a need for technology. And the marketers who want to use this marketing strategy must have to know the technologies that have been used. If you want to use these strategies, then you must know how it works. There is a mobile marketing app that you can use. You will find it below.

How Does Mobile Marketing Works?

People who use a smartphone must face that there are a lot of promotions that they have to see every day. The promotions are sent through SMS, MMS, push notifications, in-game marketing, mobile websites, scanning QR codes, and a lot of other things. The two main technologies that are used are location-based services and proximity systems.

location-based marketing

These two technologies are important to know the geographic locations of the potential customers. For example, suppose your brand is on the east side and currently does not deliver products to the west side. If you promote your products in the Seattle and Portland area, then there is no way that will work.

Mobile marketing is for every business, whether it is small or large. For large businesses, it is a great way to establish their brand in the customer’s mind. And for small businesses, mobile marketing helps those brands to spread their brand awareness. You need to understand that consumer behavior is much more important than demography.

proximity marketing systems

Let me give you an example, most iPad users are wealthy and old. So, Apple’s main target is old and wealthy people to sell iPad. You also need to know that smartphone advertisements and tablet advertisements will be different than each other. In smartphone marketing, the messages are concise and small. But in iPad advertisements, there will be attractive images and detailed messages.

Difference with Traditional Marketing

Mobile Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The main benefit of mobile marketing is that people use their smartphones almost 24*7. When we wake up, we see our phone. When we go to sleep, we use our phones. In any other marketing, marketers need to understand where they will put the promotions or advertisements for the best result. But here, they don’t need to care about that.

According to the location of the potential customers, marketers can give deals, promotions, coupons, and other facilities with the help of their proximities. When it comes to mobile marketing, companies use individual data for marketing. This is why mobile marketing is more effective and accurate. You can take an example of getting a food coupon from a specific outlet whenever you are near a supermarket where the outlet is in.

Suppose there is a couple who visit their near outlet of a specific brand. And they also gave their details to the outlet while shopping. So, the brand is aware of the fact that they visit the place often. This is when marketers give them attractive offers that the couple can not refuse. You can use mobile apps for marketing.

Mobile Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Every marketing comes because marketers think that there are benefits. Without any advantages, there is no meaning of a specific marketing technique. But with the advantages, there are disadvantages that also come. Marketing a mobile app is not a tough thing if someone uses their phone most of the time.


Mobile marketing advantages

There is data that shows there is an increase in sales by 89% after using location data. And the campaign gets more effective with it. Also, there is no need for high-tech technology to use mobile marketing. Also, you can measure the results. The marketing technique is also cost-effective.

In comparison with ad space, social media ads are cheaper than it. Also, you can reach your customers at any time. Suppose you are thinking of radio or television marketing, but the marketing will not work until they are using those.


Mobile Marketing Disadvantages

Because marketers use private data, there is a concerning matter about the right to use private data. First, if the data falls into the wrong hands, then there can be a case of spam or identity theft. The second disadvantage is that most people do not pay attention if they are using their mobile data.

And the final disadvantage is that marketers take a short time to get the attention of the customers. For example, suppose a customer is scrolling through a video or movie. And suddenly, a message pops up. If the four or five words are not strong, then there is no result at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

1. What Are Examples Of Mobile Advertising?

Anything that consists of a mobile phone is an example of mobile advertising. Here are some examples below.

  • Instagram Ad
  • Facebook Ad
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS
  • MMS

2. What Are The 5 Main Mobile Marketing Tools?

When the mobile phone has introduced, mobile marketing took place from that time. With time marketing tools and techniques have been changing. Here are some popular tools that you can use.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SMS
  • Geotargeting
  • In-app Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail

3. What Is Mobile Marketing And Why Is It Important?

The main focus of mobile marketing is to bring customers to specific locations. So they do the marketing and message according. One of the main advantages of the target is to target geographically. Because people carry their mobile phones all the Time, the marketing is important.

Final Words

You can start a mobile marketing campaign with these steps.

  • Create a Mobile Website
  • Choose the Proper Location 
  • Use Location-based Tools
  • Mobile Ad Campaign
  • Use QR codes

One of the best examples of mobile marketing is Samsung tied up with InMobi. And they used the campaign for fast charging. So if you have anything to learn more about, I am here to assist you.

Thank You.

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