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How Do You Name A Top Sportswear Brand? Tips For Budding Sportswear Startups

Business 24 November 2023 5 Mins Read

How to name a top sportswear brand? 

Budding entrepreneurs venturing into the activewear and sportswear industry would find it difficult to make a name for themselves in this oversaturated market. When the struggle is with making a name for your brand, then naming it properly should be your first good step. Shouldn’t it? 

The name of your sportswear brand should sound as catchy as it looks on one of your products. Creating a strong brand identity is the key to standing apart and making a name in the activewear industry. 

These brand names sound cool when someone says it out loud. For example, Adidas Nike. So, how do you generate a suitable name for the activewear company you are about to start? Read this article to find out the answer –

5 Tips To Name A Top Sportswear Brand

5 Tips To Name A Top Sportswear Brand

Of course, you can use different name generators online to come up with a name for your sportswear brand. Now, there is ChatGPT and Google Bard to help you out with the same.

1. Sports Aesthetics!

Only a handful of apparel brands use their brand’s name on almost all the different types of products they manufacture. But sportswear companies are different. They tend to have a brand name they can weave into or print on every piece of their products, starting from socks to shoes and activewear T-shirts. So, yes, you must choose a name that caters to the sports aesthetics of your brand. 

Think of something that is as pleasing to the eye as it sounds when uttered. A simple and small word with two to three syllables works best to promote a sportswear brand. The use of bold and sleek fonts with a sharp, symmetrical name makes your sportswear brand appear like a premium brand. But, if you feel compelled to use multiple words, use an abbreviation of the same. 

2. Don’t Leave Your Audience Guessing About name A Top Sportswear Brand

Keeping the name direct is very important if you want to name a top sportswear brand. You must make it direct, concise, and clear. Give your audience the right signals about what you want to provide them with. 

If you want to showcase your brand as an activewear brand, use words related to fitness to name your fitness brand. Words like “sports,” “speed,” “performance,” etc. make sense when choosing a name for your sportswear brand. These names will help your brands run catchy and effective marketing campaigns

3. Easy To Search

Common names do not appeal to most people. If you use names that most of the competitors in the market are already using, you won’t have a chance to stand out. When you want to name a top sportswear brand, use uncommon names not in the market. 

Also, make the name easy to remember. A unique and easy-to-remember name that is also easy to spell is the best for your sportswear brand. Also, unique and easy-to-remember words do well on social media and the search engine. With easy-to-remember name comes more searchers who visit your landing page.

4. More Room To Grow

A sportswear brand that manufactures socks for soccer players can also start manufacturing shoes down the road. Furthermore, they can start manufacturing sportswear for basketball players as well. There is no horizon when it comes to your wish to expand. 

So, when you want to name a top sportswear brand, do not limit yourself to a name that only caters to one specific type of sports or sportswear product. Leave some room for the brand to expand and grow in the future. Use names that call out to the sporty spirit while also indicating the particular type of sportswear you are doing business on. 

5. Appeal To Your Ideal Consumers

You must have done your market research since you are ready to find a name for your sportswear brand. You probably also know who will be interested in your brand. So, you must use the knowledge to come up with a name that speaks to your audience. 

If your brand makes activewear products for new sports enthusiasts, you shouldn’t choose names that are too performance-driven or confrontational. But, if your brand manufactures products for bodybuilders or top-of-the-line athletes, you can use competitive words to motivate their intent. With a perfectly crafted brand name, your business will have a strong base for an effective and a long term brand marketing

How Do Top Sportswear Brands Name Themselves?

In today’s day and age, creating another Nike, Adidas, or Puma is almost impossible. But all these top sportswear brands have found a hook or a link to connect to their audience. As a new sportswear brand, you can try doing that. 

Would you like a few examples? Let’s start with none other than Nike. 



Nike is a Greek goddess symbolizing victory, and Nike, as a brand, inspires their users to do just that. Their catchy and interesting tagline, “Just do it,” has forever been igniting a fire of taking instant action. This name easily associates itself with any type of sport. They have successfully collaborated with sports celebs from different sports. For example, Christiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, and Rafael Nadal all of them collaborated with Nike.



Adidas is famous for its sporty shoes, casual wear outfits, and sporting clothes. The brand was named after the name of the founder, Adolf Dassler. However, there is a common and popular misconception that the name is an abbreviated version of “All Day I Dream About Soccer.” Although it is incorrect, people love to associate it with soccer, which helps Adidas more than it does them harm. Adidas is the sponsor for the big soccer players like Lionel Messi. 

Final Words

When you want to name a top sportswear brand, you have to start with a good brand story. Your brand story will help you develop the name that perfectly suits your brand’s personality. It will help you communicate with your audience. So, it is very, very important to be thoughtful and choose a name that goes properly with your brand.

Hopefully, the tips we provided were some help. However, if you require any further tips from us related to similar topics, let us know through the comment below. Thank you for reading.

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