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What Is PR Marketing? – Concept, Examples, And Importance

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When it comes to making a person, company, or brand’s image, then PR Marketing is the best marketing way to do that. It helps to build a reputed image, and you can also manage how others feel about your company. In this article, you will learn about Public Relations, PR & Marketing, different types, and practical examples.

What Is PR or Public Relations?

What Is PR or Public Relations

Public Relations, or PR, is a set of strategies and techniques to manage the public, company, or brand’s image in front of the media. Normally, the strategies work with real-time information and place those uniquely so that the image will not be distorted.

The main purpose of PR is to maintain brand image, disseminate events and news, filter negative events into positive ones, and so many other things to protect the brand from any bad influence. The PRs of a company use mediums like news conferences, press releases, social media postings, giving interviews, and so many different things.

There are situations where negative information is spread through different media of a public figure. So, their PR tries to attempt various strategies to portray the real image and try to heal the damage. Any sort of activity to portray someone’s or a company’s image in a certain way is a form of Public Relations.

Understand PR Marketing

Understand PR Marketing

In simple words, PR Marketing is the strategy to present a brand, company, or person’s image in the best way possible. Most people confuse PR with Advertising, but these two things are totally different. Both marketing strategies are helpful in communicating with the target audience and building the brand’s image.

But when it comes to PR in marketing, it is much more of an organic way to execute the strategies. PR can be done in several ways, like pitches and press releases. Many of you don’t know that in the United States, PR is the fastest-growing industry.

If you want your company’s success, then you need to do great PR Marketing. PR executives are responsible for maintaining and crafting a corporation’s image, and they handle media requests, shareholder concerns, and information queries. PR professionals also do negative PR to discredit rival companies.

Different Types of Public Relations

Types of PR

The purpose of PR is the same, but there are different departments and agencies to handle specific aspects. These are as follows.

1. Media Relations

Media Relations

There is a need to build relationships with different media organizations. The media Relations Team works with external media by delivering content sources and company news, and they face public comment on the company stories.

2. Production Relations

Production Relations

A Production Relation Team works with a company in direct operations. These PR teams work on broad marketing plans, such as product launching, management of product change, and special campaigns.

3. Investor Relations

Investor Relations

When there is a need for a company to build a relationship with the investors, Investor Relations work on those projects. These professionals manage financial reports and investor events, and they handle every issue and complaint of investors.

4. Internal Relations

Internal Relations

These public relations professionals work as a bridge between a company and its employees. Their main works consist of counseling employees, mediating internal issues, and ensuring that the workers are satisfied. They are also responsible that there no disclosure of company information.

5. Government Relations

Government Relations

These PR professionals keep connections between governing bodies and companies. They work hard to get feedback from politicians and keep fair treatment to the company clients.

6. Community Relations

Community Relations

Community Relations professionals work for specific communities. The community can be a physical or non-physical entity. They work on social niches in different communities. 

7. Customer Relations

Customer Relations

These professionals engage with the customers and represent a company. They are responsible for conducting market research, handling relationships, and understanding any concerns so that the company can take action to resolve the problems. 

Public Relation Marketing Example

Public Relations & Other Departments

Do not confuse other communication departments with PR. Here are some basic differences between PR with other departments.

1. Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR

The main purposes of Marketing are to increase sales, spread awareness, promote services and products, and ensure financial status. On the other hand, PR focuses to manage a company or brand’s reputation. You may see similarities between the strategies of these two things, but the focus and purpose are totally different. 

2. Advertising & PR

Advertising & PR

Advertising is to gain more public attention. Advertisements help in product launching, product promoting, announcing news about a company, and sometimes revealing new prices. But PR helps a company both externally and internally. And PR works from behind the scene. 

3. Communications & PR

Communications & PR

Both strategies help a company to create a brand image and build a strong relationship. But Communication is done through verbal and written comments, but in PR, that is more of a strategic move rather than communicating.

PR Marketing Examples

PR Marketing Examples

I guess now you have a pretty good idea about Marketing PR or PR Marketing. But here, I will give you examples so that you will better understand the PR. Do you remember the 2010 Oil Spill incident? After the incident took place, BP gave a public statement. Most people felt the response was missing important details, so sometimes Public Relations make things worse.

There are some famous PR activities that you can check out.

  • Wrapped Campaign (Spotify)
  • Eat Fresh Refresh (Subway)
  • Rebuild the World (Lego)
  • The Selfie Talk (Dove)
  • Stay Home (Ikea)
  • Highlight the Remarkable (Stabilo Boss)

Importance Of PR Marketing For Businesses

Importance Of PR Marketing For Businesses

Once you get an idea of public relations marketing examples, it is also necessary to know how important the No matter the size of the organization, in one way or the other, its success depends a lot on its reputation on the market and the customers. 

This is one of the major factors that help the Business to grow and have a positive impact on the market. PR helps you to manage and build your reputation as a business in the market. It can be both positive and negative. However, no company wants negative PR for its brand.

The importance of public relations marketing is thus essential for your business to grow. However, to maintain PR relations, you will need to learn some of the major marketing ways. Here are some of them:

1. Positive Media Coverage

Positive Media Coverage

According to MotivePR,

Coverage has the power to introduce a brand to millions of potential customers and what’s more editorial coverage has bags more credibility than advertising.”

In such cases, you must focus on keeping the press informed about the various products and services produced by your company and getting more media exposure. PR, in these cases, helps you to increase your brand authority.

2. Digital Marketing And SEO

Digital Marketing And SEO

With the help of digital marketing and SEO, digital PR increases. And with these, you will get the benefit of achieving links from media sites. These links help your site to rank better on the Google Search Engine. The more your brand gets mentioned online, the more traffic to your sites will grow as your rank will be higher.

3. Getting Access To New Leads

Getting Access To New Leads

Quality public relations marketing will help your business by generating more leads for better sales. Make sure that your messages are genuine and resonate powerfully with the mass audience. This way you will be able to grow better.

4. Increasing the Trust And Credibility Of The Brand

Increasing the Trust And Credibility Of The Brand

If you reach out through your target audience with your brand and through respected media titles, your brand’s credibility will increase as it will get better leads.

5. Increasing Brand Authority

Increasing Brand Authority

If your brand publishes articles on reputed news sites, the reputation of the brand will thereby grow, as the credibility of the brand is unquestionable.

6. Ability Of The Company To Manage Crises

Ability Of The Company To Manage Crises

According to Motive PR,

A solid PR strategy will help you formulate and communicate the best response and position a business for the best possible outcome in any given situation.

Hence, you will need to have a crisis management plan beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. What Are The 7 Types Of PR?

Ans: Though there are different PR teams to handle different situations, here are 7 main types of PR.

1.Online and Social Media Communications
2.Public Affairs 
3.Crisis Communications
4.Internal Communications
5.Community Relations
6.Media Relations 
7.Strategic Communications

Q2. What Skills Are Good For PR?

Ans: If you want to be a good PR, then you need to have these skills.

1. International Mindset
2. Presentation Skills
3.Write Well
4. Social Media Savvy
5. Strategic Thinking
6. Adapts to Change
7. Attention to Detail
8. Multi Tasking
9. Work with High Pressure
10. Relationship-building
11. Research and Knowledge
12. Honesty

Q3. What Are The 6 Tools Of Public Relations?

Ans: A PR professional must have to use tools to spread the word or reach many audiences. Here are the main tools.

1.Identity Media
2. Public-Service Activities
3. Speeches
4. News
5. Events
6. Publications

To Sum Up

No matter whether you are a small or big company, you will need professional PRs and a PR Marketing team to create a good image for your company. Most companies have their own PR Team, but there are PR Agencies or Organizations that help companies with their PR Strategies.

If you want to know more about this topic, please get in touch. We will get back to you soon.

Thank You.

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