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How To Find Your Network Security Key?

Tech & Innovation 29 December 2023 5 Mins Read

Have you ever asked your friend what the Wi-Fi password is? If yes, you were asking for the network security. Whenever you visit a hotel or someone’s house and ask for their Wi-Fi password, you are asking for their network security key. This is a sequence of numbers and letters that protects the internet connection of someone’s personal internet or network system.

If you are curious to know what network security is and how to find it on different devices, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, I will discuss all you need to know regarding network security. Keep reading.

What Is A Network Security Key?

Your network security key is your Wi-Fi password that protects the wireless network on your phone. If you have a Wi-Fi network at home, you will need a password that secures your wireless network. This will be the key to your network, and every time a device wants to connect to your network, it has to use the network security key.

This is a term common among ISP internet service providers. But, currently, people love to use the time Wi-Fi password.” also, the network service providers across different platforms have different names for Wi-Fi network security service providers.

However, ISPs across the world use different terms for the network security key. Here are some common names your ISP might use instead of a Wi-Fi password” or “network security key:”

  • Password Wi-fi password
  • WEP or WPA key
  • wireless password
  • network or Wi-Fi key
  • network password

No matter what your ISP or you call a network security key, it is the same thing. It means that code you or anyone trying to use your wireless network has to use on their device. However, if you see a difference between WPA keys or WEP keys, you should start by learning the differences between WEP, WPA2, and WPA3.

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How Does Network Security Key Function?

The purpose of having a network security key is to keep the wireless network at home safe and secure. It also prevents any unauthorized network access. Devices that are not authorized by the network or do not have the security key can’t access it. It is like having a lock for your wireless network system at home. Users can choose to unlock the network security using the security key or the password. Or they can let it stay encrypted.

If your wireless network does not have a password, then it is not secure. This is the same for other networks as well. When you have to connect to a network that has no password or network security encryption, you should stop. Think twice before entering any wireless network without password encryptions. Many of us want to join public networks, thinking they are free. But networks open to all can pose serious threats to your device and your personal information.

Different Types Of Network Security Key

There are different types of network security encryptions and protocols you can use. Here is a list of three common network security protocols. Your router might have one or more of these –

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

One of the oldest and most outdated network security systems is the WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy. This protocol is difficult to set up and easy to break. There is no point in considering a security system that makes your network vulnerable. Also, you will be putting your network at risk. That’s why we suggest going with other modes of network security protection.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

This security system came after WEP. To some extent, it is an improved version of the Wi-Fi protected access. What’s different in WPA is the use of a dynamic message integrity check algorithm. It is called the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. It generates a new encryption key for different units of data sent across a network. However, although it might sound safe, many networks using this security protocol faced cyberattacks.

WPA2 (W-Fi Protected Access 2)

If your network is using the WPA2 security protocol, then it means you are using the second version of the WPA. What’s the difference between the WPA and the WPA 2? The TKIP system of the WPA was more vulnerable. So, the second version replaced it with an Advanced Encryption System (AES), a more promising encryption that secures all data sent across the network system.

WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3)

Even the AES encryption of the WPA2 did not live long, and there was WPA3. The WPA3 network security key’s encryption system is more robust than that of WPA2. Also, it is too easy to set up. Also, it is available in enterprise modes and personal modes. When you want to keep the network connection at home secure, then the WPA3 is the best bet.

Where To Find Your Network Security Key?

Wait, are you looking for your network security key? In that case, here are different ways of finding your network security key –

Check Your Router

Check the router itself if you are at home and have a router nearby. You must remember that the term may not always be a network security key. It can also be termed as a password, a security key, or a passcode. So, look for whatever your ISP calls it. If you do not find it in the router, check the instruction manual provided by your ISP.

On Your Phone

Are you connected to the router already? If you are connected to the wireless network already, then your device setting should have the password or saved. That password is the network security key you are looking for. Go to the settings and look for the options reading Connections. Next, look for the Wi-Fi option, find your router’s name, and click on it to view the password.

On iOS

The same option is available for iPhone users. You have to visit the Settings option. There you will find Wi-Fi. Go to the connected network by tapping on the i option next to the network’s name.

On Windows

Go to the Start option and look for the Network & Internet option on the left side of the menu. You have to look for Advanced Network settings next. From there, go to “More network adapter options.” Left-click on the wireless network connection for which you want to get the security key. Click on Statuses next, followed by opening the wireless properties option. Go to the Security Tab and mark Show Characters. You will see the password next to the security key.

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Final Words

So, how do you find the network security key? Hopefully, you have found the answer to your query from the sections above. It is easy to find what Wi-Fi passwords you have set for your router. You can check it in the router or go to your phone’s settings to find it.

However, always remember not to share your network security key publicly. If you want it for personal and business use, ensure it remains that way.

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