How To Motivate Employees

How To Motivate Employees? : Best Scientifically Proven Ways

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published on: 29 August 2023 last updated on: 07 March 2024

Every employee treats their workplace as their second home. Employees spend around nine to ten hours of their day in their workplace. So, the minimum they can expect is a healthy and motivated work atmosphere where they can grow and prosper. Let’s Understand How To Motivate Employees.

As an employer, can you expect your organization to grow if the employees are not happy?

Demotivated employees are the worst nightmare of every organization. Not only will it reduce productivity within the organization, but it will also result in huge employee turnover. No employer would want that.

Therefore, it is essential that employees are kept motivated under all circumstances. The more the motivation flows through the organization, the more the employees will be happy and satisfied with their jobs.

Motivation will also help in employee growth and development. With higher motivation, employees will be more keen on learning newer things that will reflect on the work that they do.

Hence, organizations must always look for ways to keep their employees motivated and satisfied. 

In this article, I will be throwing light on how to motivate employees so that they can bring maximum productivity to the organization and create a healthy working environment. 

So, without any further delay, let us get started! 

How To Motivate Employees? : Elements Of Employee Motivation

How To Motivate Employees? Elements Of Employee Motivation

Before thinking about how to motivate employees, it is important for employers to understand that there are some critical elements of employee motivation that will actually make the entire motivating process successful. 

Without keeping these elements in mind, motivation would rather be a failure. Therefore, it is important that employers build their motivation techniques around these elements to achieve the best results.

The elements of employee motivation are:

Employee Safety Must Be The Topmost Priority

Think from the perspective of an employee. Can you really work in an organization where you do not feel safe? You cannot. Therefore, the safety of the employees must be the topmost priority of every organization. 

From physical safety to mental safety, every company must make sure that their employees are, under no circumstance, feeling unsafe in the organization.

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Empathy Is Essential

Every individual has something or the other going on in their life. Being an outsider, you cannot really judge how that has been affecting the physical or mental condition of an employee. Therefore, it is always encouraging for employees if their employers listen to them and accordingly empathize with their situation. 

As an employer, you must prioritize listening to what your employees have to say and provide them with more flexibility or maybe a little rest if their situation has reached such a level of severity. 

Communication Is Everything

In every relationship, be it friendship, employer-employee, love, or anything as such, communication plays a role that cannot be replaced. Communication is the secret to a healthy relationship. Therefore, communication, yet again, is the one way in which an employer can develop a healthy and strong bond with their employees, which will result in tremendous employee motivation. 

For better communication within companies, cloud-based human resources software is becoming a popular choice because it simplifies how information is shared, feedback is given, and discussions are held, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. This type of software supports a friendly and open work environment, making it easier for employees and employers to connect.
Adding to the suite of tools that enhance communication in the workplace, project management platforms offer an intuitive way for teams to collaborate on tasks and projects. These platforms provide spaces for real-time messaging, file sharing, and project tracking, ensuring that team members have access to the information they need when they need it. By centralizing communication and resources, these tools help eliminate misunderstandings and keep everyone aligned on their tasks and goals.

Be it personal communication or professional, an organization must practice both to encourage employee motivation. For instance, if the organization is going through the least amount of change, it is the responsibility of the employer to inform the employees. This way, the employee will trust you and your organization and will feel a lot more confident knowing they are included even in the most minor decisions related to the organization. 

How To Motivate Employees? : Best Techniques For Employee Motivation

How To Motivate Employees? Best Techniques For Employee Motivation

Now that you know of the elements of employee motivation, let us discuss some of the techniques to promote employee motivation in the workplace: 

Make The Organization A Pleasant Place To Thrive

As I’ve mentioned before, an employee, on average, spends around ten hours of their day in their workplace. The least they can expect is for that environment to be non-toxic and pleasant. No one really wants to stick around in an environment for hours at a stretch that is boring and dingy. 

A well-lit, spacious, and aesthetic workspace will make the workspace more pleasant and, in turn, employees more motivated to work. 

Management Must Be Honest, Respectful And Supportive

This may be no news, but flawed and unreliable management is one of the biggest reasons behind employee disengagement. Small acts of respect, support, honesty, and clear communication are the foundations without any doubt. 

Rewarding Employees

It is true that people will stay associated with your business only if they have a reason to. Therefore, to keep employees motivated to work, you must up your game and start investing in incentive programs. 

Here are some of the options that you can consider: 

  • Private healthcare
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Profit sharing in your organization 
  • Payment offers for any additional qualifications or credentials 

Give Them The Space To Grow

If the business is rapidly expanding, you must also give your employees enough space to grow within the organization. This acts as a huge motivator for the employees. The financial is there, true, but there is also a psychological aspect that makes them feel like they are trusted and respected for the work they are doing. 

Share Positive Feedbacks

Sharing positive feedback is one way to keep employees motivated throughout their work. Positive feedback doesn’t mean that you refrain from giving feedback for incorrect work. 

Positive feedback refers to the way you are conveying the message. Even if the employee was not up to the mark, you can give them feedback in a way that will motivate them to work harder to attain their goals the next time. If you yell or disrespect them for their incapacity, that will only worsen their performance in the long run. 

The goal is to motivate the employees, not scare them away. 

Promote Transparency

When employees have more insights about the organization, they will be more keen on investing their time and efforts towards the betterment of the organization. So, as an employer, you must be transparent about the operations of the organization and share details regularly.  

Make Flexible Timings

Flexible working hours promote a healthy working atmosphere. Employees feel more relaxed and motivated to work in an organization where they are not bound by time limits. 

Especially after COVID-19, employees quite prefer working for organizations that offer flexible working schedules. 

Good Food Results In Good Mood

Well, this is not even a question. No one works well when they are hungry or more like “hangry.” A little snacking or occasional treats here and there keep employees motivated throughout to deliver maximum productivity. 

Studies have, in fact, proved that organizations with free food access can increase employee satisfaction by 11%. 

Praise Their Achievements

Never ever let your employees feel that their achievements are unworthy. This can lead to a serious lack of interest in the work that they do. 

Try recognizing and praising them for the smallest of achievements, for in the future, they will only grow to become the best ones ever.

Ask Them About Their Need

An organization runs because of its employees at the end of the day. So, it should always be the priority of an employer to ask their employees what they need.

Their wants must be heard and acted upon. Doing this may unexpectedly turn out to be the best thing for the employees.

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Wrapping Up 

Employees are one of the most crucial stakeholders in any organization. It is their work and productivity that brings success to the organization. 

Therefore, how to motivate employees must also be the priority of employers, alongside how to make a profit. When employees are motivated, they tend to work more and deliver more productivity, which, after all, is the biggest gain for a company.

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