ID Card Printers For Schools

Comprehensive Guide To Purchasing ID Card Printers For Schools

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published on: 30 January 2024 last updated on: 15 March 2024

Even if your school is in a safe neighborhood, you must tighten internal security. The first step is the ID card system. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best ID card printer for your school.

Why Are School IDs Necessary? 

Identification cards aren’t just accessories; they are necessary for the proper functioning of any institution. ID cards are used to identify the student, their fee status, entry card, and log-in cards on other campuses. For international schools with thousands of students per semester, ID cards are used more for security than identification. It’s an understatement to say that such cards should be highly reliable and top-notch. Once you understand the importance and requirements of your school’s ID cards, you will pick out the perfect printer.

What Are The Advantages Of The ID Card Printers?

What Are The Advantages Of The ID Card Printers?

The ID card printers have their advantages, which is why the schools and other educational institutes ensure that they can print these IDs as soon as the student enrolls. Modern ID card printers have evolved into a great idea. The manufacturers are looking to induct new technology to make these printers world-class. However, here we discuss some of the benefits these printers offer.

Printing High Volume

One of the advantages of these printers is that you can print in high volumes. When you have the enrolling season, it becomes important to study the number of printing cards you print daily. These printers are equipped with the technology that is capable of printing documents in high volume. The best ID Card Printers can print up to around 120 copies per day.

Single-size ID cards are meant for printing the generic ID card. However, dual-size ID cards allow printing on both sides. The ID Card Printers of today are powered with technology that can help you provide both cards in big numbers every day without much delay.

High Quality 

Another key benefit of purchasing ID Card printers for your school is high-quality printing. When operating your schools, you must maintain the print quality under any circumstances. The ID printers have high-quality print coupled with the best lamination, which makes the printouts durable and secure.

Cost Effectiveness

When the cost of running schools becomes high, it reflects on the fees of the school. Increased school fees are necessary but only sometimes create a good impression. Under such circumstances, you must find ways to keep the cost at bay. The use of ID card printers can be one of the approaches. It helps provide cost-effective solutions and investments in your printing systems. The best printers provide you with the best systems that include ID Software, ID card printer ribbons, and ID cards.

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Free Assistants

One of the key differences between ordinary printers and ID Card Printers is the free assistance. The best brands of different types of technical support. It starts from setting up your printers to providing solutions on maintenance and other aspects of the software and hardware.

Apart from the advantages that we mentioned above, the best ID Card Printers are easy to use. They have a fast printing speed, flexibility, customer data, and easy applications. All these make these printers highly popular among the schools.

What Is The Right Kind Of ID Card Printers For Schools?

Right Kind Of ID Card Printers For Schools

There is no right or wrong kind; all printers are made with specific needs and functions. When you know your needs, you will know your kind too. Here are the factors to find the right printer for your school.  There are ID card printers of different quality that are available on the market. But you have to consider these points to understand the right of ID Card Printers For Schools.

Type Of Card

What kind of card are you going to print on your printer? Is it a regular photo-identity card, or will it be a smart card with a data chip because both are printed on different printers? If you want a standard identification card, a direct-to-card or inkjet printer will suit you. However, if you want to upgrade your security, invest in a retransfer printer that will allow you to use the ID Card Printers with a slightly raised edge to fit the chip.


The number of cards to be printed every day is also critical. You don’t want your printer to die on you on the first day of the semester. Most printers come with a monthly volume cycle. You can easily calculate how many you will need per year and how to divide that number into months and days so that you don’t overburden your printer.

Single Or Double-Sided

As the name suggests, a single-sided printer will only print one side of the card, whereas a double-sided one automatically flips the card to print on the other side. Single-sided cards are preferred at schools and other institutions, whereas double-sided cards are popular in professional environments. Double-sided ID Card Printers are also more expensive than single-sided ones.


Volume and speed go hand in hand. If you are printing high volumes every week, you may need speed to go with the magnitude of the printing. The best ID Card Printers will give you a full-color ID card in less than 30 seconds.

Visual Security Features

Visual Security Features

Most universities and schools may need high-security ID cards. In such cases, you will need your printer to spit out cards that may have extra visual security features such as UV ink, watermarks, and tactile impressions. Some high-end ID Card Printers also print cards with lockable outbound hoppers. It means such cards can’t be used by unauthorized personnel.


Apart from picking a printer that fulfills your needs, you must have enough warranty on your printer, and the after-sales support is impeccable. When you need your model repaired, ensure the company offers full after-sales service and has a proper online staff if you need a quick consultation.



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