What Time Does Skyzone Close?

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An indoor trampoline park is an excellent place to visit with friends and family. If you are free on your weekends and want to have a good time, then call your friends and make a plan to visit SkyZone. Before that, you must have to know what time does SkyZone close?

In this article, you will find everything about Sky Zone. And this information will help you understand the platform and decide whether to visit or not.

Sky Zone

Sky Zone

This is a company that operates several indoor trampoline parks. And the headquarters is in Los Angeles. The company started its business, or you can say the first created outlet, in 2004. But, there are some controversies about people getting injured in the park while enjoying the rides. Here is the basic information about the franchise group that you must know.

TypePrivate Company
IndustryEntertainment Parks, Indoor Activities
Headquarters Los Angeles
Founded2004 (Almost 18 years ago)
Total LocationsMore Than 200
OwnerPalladium Equity Partners
Key PeopleElizabeth Blair (Chief Executive Officer)

Sky Zone: Journey

trampoline park in Sky Zone

The company started its journey in 2004. The main man behind the project was Rick Platt. His intention was to create a sporting spot with professional athletes. And he chose Las Vegas Valley and spent a total of $2 million. The first arena was built in the year 2004 in a 17,000-square-foot area. At that time, there were mid-air acrobatics, rotating hoops, and other professional athletes.

2004, Inception

The project failed to do as expected, but there were local stakeholders who found light through the project. They found that if they would able to market the facility, then there would be a business opportunity. Within a period of six months, there were a total of 10,000 visitors.

2006, Expansion

After doing a small business, Platt was thinking of expanding his business. In 2006, only after opening the business for two years, Platt’s son Jeff joined his father in the business. At that time, he was a student at Washington University in St. Louis. He opened another park in Missouri, and both of the parks were similar.

2011-2013, Business Growth

2011 was the year when Sky Zone started to grow in the international market. First, the organization started an event of Ultimate Dodgeball. The competition was so successful, and it was arranged in every trampoline park in Sky Zone. The competition was played until 2018. And it was featured on ESPN.

The International Association of Trampoline was founded in 2012. And one of the founding members of the IAT was Sky Zone. And then there was no competition that could beat the Sky Zone. After one year, the company had a franchise with Strike Bowling Bar. and then it opened its outlets in Australia. And right now, it is planning to expand its business in New Zealand also.

2016-2019, No.1

The company was in second place in the fastest-growing franchises in 2016. This was according to the Franchise Times. In 2017, the company again went overseas and started to build the world’s largest trampoline park in Hyderabad, India. Also, this is the first trampoline park in India. There was a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle, so the company created another outlet in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania.

In 2018, the company stated that there were more than 200 locations where the company has its trampoline park. In the same year, there was a backed company named Palladium Equity Partners. And in the same year, the backed company took Sky Zone. In the same year, the company launched an episode of Undercover Boss.

In 2019, there were a total of 30 million visitors. And the revenue was around $380. The company has a partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines. And they have been in a project to create another trampoline part in a cruise ship named Carnival Panorama.

Sky Zone: Visiting

Sky Zone Visit

So, if you are planning to visit the park, then the Skyzone hours are between 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Though, there are a lot of exceptions as different locations have different timings. So, you need to check the answer to what time does Skyzone open before visiting Sky Zone. And you get the answer to what time does Skyzone close.

Now, the question is, how much does Skyzone cost? So, the cost will be around$45.99. But there are a couple of offers and special rewards also. And the Skyzone prices may differ sometimes. And if you are bringing kids, then their prices will be low.

What Are Some Common Attractions Of Sky Zone?

What Are Some Common Attractions Of Sky Zone

Push your limit, fly high, and have lots and lots of fun. That is the main objective of Sky Zone. Here are a few examples of some of the best attractions of Sky Zone –

Freestyle Jump

If you want to have fun jumping high and showing off your acrobatic skills to your friend, try the freestyle jump. Sky Zone promises the biggest freestyle trampoline, and it is one of the attractions you cannot say no to.

Sky Slamming

Do not worry about your height while sky-slamming. This one attraction of Sky Zone is sure to keep you engaged.

Sky Joust

If your kids are a fan of gladiator-type fights and battles, then do not miss Sky Joust at Sky Zone. It takes place on the pedestals over an airbag or a pit of foam or a pit of the airbag. It is all about keeping your balance while knocking the other contestants off.


You will be just playing classic arcade baseball. But there is an aerial touch to it. Of course, you will have a challenging match with your friend who has been trying to block your shots. You will do the same while also scoring a shot against your friend.

Sky Ladder

This game requires you to climb the fidgeting ladder to the top. Once you are on top, you have to plant the flag you have. If you fall down to the padding below, you will not succeed. But that does not mean you do not have a chance to fight again. Just get up and try once more.

Sky Line

All you have to do is to try to keep your balance while standing on the skyline. Also, what’s even more fun is to try to do the impossible. Take little baby steps and try to reach the other side of the line. Many fail and fall down. Who knows, you might get a crack at it…eventually.

Free Climb

Imagine you have a bouldering wall in front of you, and you have to climb up without a harness attached. Yes, you might fall, but without any harm to yourself. If that is alright with you, try the Free Climbing.

Drop Slide

With Drop Slide, you have extraordinary heights to conquer. But, the reward of free falling is something everyone, from a teenager to an adult, wants to experience. Make an Instagrammable free-falling video by enjoying the drop slide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. How Many Locations Does Sky Zone Have?

Ans: There are more than 200 different locations in Sky Zone. You will find one in Alhambra, Biloxi, Burlington, Evanston, Henderson, Louisville, Rutherford, Waugh Chapel, Queens, and so many places.

Q2. What’s The Youngest Age For Sky Zone?

Ans: Sky Zone has no age limits. All ages are welcome here. But, if there is someone under the age of 18, then there will be an adult needed with them. Also, you should know that different attraction and safety standards are for different age and size groups.

Q3. Can You Reuse Sky Zone Socks?

Ans: Sky Zone has their own SkySocks with their trademark on the bottom side. And these socks are required when someone is jumping at Sky Zone. First of all, no one can bring any other socks, and secondly, the socks from Sky Zone can be reused several times, but the socks need to be in good condition. For example, suppose you bought a pair on your first visit. You can bring the pair on the second and third visit also.

Final Words

I hope you get your answer to what time does Skyzone close? If you have no fixed location to visit with your friends and family, then SkyZone is an ideal place to visit on the weekends. If you want to know anything specific before you visit, then let us know in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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